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  1. These guys are trying to tell you that the brake drum is more work and less suitable than other options.  As someone who used a truck brake drum to build a forge I can assure you that they are correct.  Will it work?  You bet, but it is more difficult to control the fire, and you'll have to cut notches out of the drum to get your stock where you want it.  If you have to buy the drum it will be more expensive than other options.   If you use a brake rotor from a passenger vehicle, the center has about the right size cavity for a fire pot and hole in the middle for hooking up a 2 inch bottom blast.  If you mount that in something like an old mower deck or even the panel off an appliance like a wash machine you'll have a nice flat area to work with where you can get your stock where you want it in the fire.   If you have a 55 gallon drum there are good blueprints on here. Ultimately it's your time, effort, and money so do what you think is best.  Those with more experience are just trying to keep you from wasting any of those things unnecessarily.


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