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  1. anyone have a good way to make a flat even surface on freshly forged damascus, i have been holding it flat against a large magnet with a handle and holding it flat against my 6x48 belt sander with 50 grit belt. it takes XXXX near forever and is hard to get an even thickness. at the moment I dont have a spare 2k laying around for a surface grinder.... i am looking for one but any other ideas till i get one....
  2. I changed from a air compressor, to a shop vac on blow, I used 2 large ball valves to regulate. i did get more heat and seamed to get better welds, I think that i need better doors ( any more sugjestions). and i have the valves allmost shut completely off, I just bought an 80cfm 4" ducted fan. I think this will have a less static pressure and alow for better welds with less oxegenization... any more on this?
  3. sorry about the lack of info, I am using hard firebrick doors in the front that i just leave a small opening to put in and remove my billet, in the back i have 2 firebricks blocking it completely. as for flux i am using borax, after a little messing around today I think i am having a problem with lack of heat. i am going to try a shop vac on blow as a blower and T it into my burners, I think that my 1/4 air compressor fittings and compressed air has too much pressure and not enough volume.... as for silver to silver, i actualy tryed a peice of billet were i stacked 2 layers of 15n20 and then o
  4. hello my my name is zach and im new to black smithing/ bladesmithing. I have build a forge at my metal fabrication buisness, it is a freon tank with a 6 inch sonatube center with castable refractory for insulation. it seams to be working ok but im having some trouble with my forge welds holding, ive been trying my hand at some damascus blades made with 1095 5160 and 15n20. my problem is that im having delamination seams to be only around the areas with 15n20. Im thinking not enough heat.... my forge has 2 forced air burners, instead of a blower ive been using my air compressor, with valves to
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