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  1. We are also looking at building a greenhouse - possibly with a shared wall or at least near the forge building. Has anyone given any thought to the possibility of using waste heat from a solid fuel forge fire for using for something like this? We will be building a rocket mass heater for another project, and it looks to me like running the (or at least some) of the forge heat through a similar exhaust/heat exchanger should work for the greenhouse.
  2. I am looking at building a small forge on ' skids ' - zoning issues - will probably never move but . . . My question is about whether or not insulating it is practical or not. I live in central Saskatchewan (Canada) and our winters are cold -40 is not unusual, snow etc. This will be a hobby thing for now, but I'm mostly retired, and who knows? This will likely be used mostly in winter, as my wife and I are gardeners, and have lots to do in the growing season. The building plans are fluid now, but will probably be in the 10-12' X 16' range, with overhang for outside storage, etc. I am looking at using a small propane forge, but mostly charcoal (30 acres to work on, more-or-less free wood, + steel drums. . .) Any thoughts on insulation, ventilation, ceiling height, etc., would be appreciated.
  3. I am trying to get started into blacksmithing and have been looking for an anvil (or something to use). We wound up with a job near a local metal recycler, and I checked there several times for something. They had a BIG bent forklift tine there that I had them cut the straight portion of the back off for me. (no way could I have even moved all of it) I now have a piece 3" X10" X 27" - about 180 lbs worth - that I got for $40 bucks. Now I have to figure out how to work it into an anvil. any suggestions?
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