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  1. Thank you. I'd love to more on local smithing. If its something you'd like to see, comment on the video or email them and let them know.
  2. They turned out great. It was nice to meet you!
  3. Yeah, what is that book? I've seen if referenced a bunch
  4. Sorry for not being specific, Im just looking for a broad reference library. All this is great
  5. Ive saw that Anvil Brian had made, it is pretty neat. I went to my first Forge Council meeting last week, guess I will wait until the email comes out and ask.
  6. I've noticed a few companies carrying them and I've been told to stay away from the ones in Harbor Freight. What would you recommend?
  7. I do mean it in a broad sense. All of these suggestions are great.
  8. I find strikers, jewelry and small items fascinating. I'd love to try some new things out.
  9. I LOVE those flint strikers, I would love to have one next to my fireplace. I really like the viking ones
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