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  1. How does the Little Giant flywheel connect to the shaft? I see it is keyed but my question is Is the shaft shouldered or Tapered or just a straight fit with set screws? Thank you
  2. I am working on a homemade power hammer and have made bearing housings from 3/4 wall 2-1/2” ID Tubing to accept a pressed in SAE 660 bronze sleeve bearing with a figure 8 shaped groove to allow oil to reach all parts of the bearings from the oil cups supply. The shaft is 2” OD solid and will be built very similar in mechanics to a little giant and will have approximately a 50 lb ram My design is set up like a standard rigid babbitt journal bearing (NOT split) The bearing is 2”id x 2-1/2” od x 3” long. Do you think this pressed in leaded bronze bearing will hold up? Thank you
  3. Thanks Redeagle and Charles! I guess i need to do my research on that!
  4. Thanks guys! Charles, were they mostly wrap eye hawks? Ahhhh wise guy eh? Cant use percussion Tomahawks in PA! So this one obviously is a flintlock! A hawk finishes MUCH faster than a knife...
  5. No i only heat treated the cutting edge... normalized the body.... i needed it for Flintlock Muzzeloader season
  6. Thanks guys! yes im right handed so my hand fits comfortably with my thumb on the leaf.
  7. My second meat fork, any advice to make it better?
  8. I did my best to not grind and keep this as authentic as possible, how did i do? How can I improve?
  9. Yes 1x1x4, what stock do you guys normally use?
  10. I see alot of Hawks being made of tool steel, i plan on using mild steel and adding a tool steel bit.... Is this ok, i like spike hawks! What are the pros and cons to solid tool steel vs mild with a tool steel bit? And for slit and drift method for spike hawks what size blank do you guys use? I was planning on 1x4inch square bar. Thanks guys
  11. Wow Chris i was just looking at all the posts youve made of hawks and knives youve made..... WOW! You are a talented man! Knives and hawks are what im interested in making, but still setting up shop and making a appalachian power hammer and belt grinder. I hope to scratch the surface of what you can do, keep posting pictures! Any books thatd youd recommend? Once again good work
  12. Hey Chris, awesome job! How do these hold up on a torture test? How do you heat treat them?