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  1. Great info, i will definitely try some forging. I was thinking the preformed top and recessed barrel would be beneficial for making strike tools.
  2. will use that saying...i hate it when people say "make an offer"...in his defense, i think he is being nice and if i said any price he'd be ok with it...just don't want to be ridiculously low. If he has/can get more, i'll send them to you if you'd like. Flat rate shipping is pretty reasonable from MI to AK. I really like that!
  3. Thank you, appreciate the info. I'll likely not reforge them, but grind to shape. Although I won't be able to resist try to forge at least one. And if I can get them for a couple bucks a piece, not a big deal if I destroy a couple.
  4. tl;dr - how much is fair to pay for S7 punches from tablet press. Some dies available too. I have an opportunity to buy a 10 or so used (and defaced) punches from pharmaceutical tablet presses. He said make an offer. They are S7 steel (he said he has spec sheet) Not sure on brand. The round punch faces are the size of either regular Advil to large Tums antacid chewables. The oblong faced punches are the size of a Tylenol There are some dies available too. I recently took a class on making chests and the instructor had some re-purposed punches that worked
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