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  1. I try and keep work surfaces and equipment clear.


    I made a couple of passes on my belt grinder then (untypically) stepped to the side to check my work when BAM!!!, the belt broke. Seems it picked up a piece of metal.


    That was my last quick cutting belt so now I need to order some more.


  2. I try and treat files as though they are 1095.

    Thanks for the kind words.


    Man, I love that top one! Looks awesome! What kind of temper did you use? 


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  3. Top is a drop point ground from a rasp with Elk handle and brass from old elevator rail.
    Middle is Tanto point ground from a small rasp with White tail handle and brass from an old elevator hand rail.
    Bottom is a solid brass scrapper I bought at the scrapyard ($1) and put my own handle and pins on.


  4. Built this stand this morning for my post vise and sheet metal stake. 10 x 10 x .625 I beam. Legs are  2x2x.375 tubing. Should be able to withstand the West Texas wind.


  5. Made these today. Antler handles and circular saw steel blades. Uploads are failing, sorry?

    If you want to see them they are posted on my face book link below, thanks.




    maybe if you try using GIF or JPG they would load

  6. I cleaned up the flatter and will make a handle for it tomorrow. Most likely out of pecan. Planning on cleaning up the rest of the stuff and adjusting fitment as necessary.

    Grind or mill? Right now I am looking for some youtube of bottom round swage useage.

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