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  1. I have purchased fasteners from website Blacksmith Bolt. They have a large the inventory.
  2. Hi, I'm from northern Minnesota and I would like to make a hawk also. I'm thinking I would like to use a solid piece and pierce a hole and then drift the hole for the handle. I'm trying to find the right style of hawk to make? I have friends that are asking for some hawks and I'm not sure what to deliver. Any ideas as to what styles you would like to make?
  3. I made my own fixture. It consists of a piece of pipe faced off to correct length. I used a micrometer for this. I then clamped and welded the die plates to the pipe, that were faced of in a mill. It worked just fine if you have access to some machine tools.
  4. Local radio stations like KAXE out of Grand Rapids Mn. a listener supported station with paid and volunteer DJ's. Wide range of music, NPR news that tells you more, local programs that listeners call in on. One of my favorites "Car Talk" with Click & Clack was discontinued because they retired. Another great program "Green Cheese" which listeners call in on trivia questions. All around great station.
  5. I haven't bought one yet , but when I did some searching the Quincy brand compressor impressed me. They have been around a long time and they are U.S. made. Northern carries them and also Air Compressor.com
  6. Thanks for the feedback. To answer Doug about the concern of the weld. He thinks that when I heat treat the die it will absorb the carbon into the welded area. I personally didn't agree with him and I told him I would ask this forum. By the way the die is made of 4140. His suggestion to me was to make the whole die out of one piece and eliminate the weld.<br />I know these hammers have been around for a while and I really haven't heard of any problems.
  7. Has anyone out there had a problem with weld cracking where the die attaches to 1/2" plate that bolts to hammer? I was told this is a accident waiting to happen. Because of the heat treat process.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. I'm not sure what you mean larger races? I have some that are 6" O.D. or so. I have never heard of case hardened bearing races. I'm going to try one and see what I can learn.
  9. Has anyone used a bearing race for knife blade? My best guess as to the composition of the steel is 52100. I'm wondering if there would be any problems with the alloy in the steel. Would it be hard to forge? The added alloy I believe is chromium. Any thought out there?
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