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    Berlin,New Hampshire
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    I should start by saying that God has taken an old desire (video games) and placed and new one in my heart, forging. So this art starts and ends with Him.

    I married to a college friend since September 2009, and we are active in God's Kingdom. She was quite happy at the desire shift as well!

    I'm very excited to start this Blacksmithing lifestyle and am learning as much as I can, that I may be able to teach others as well!
    Thank you for all my new fellow Blacksmith friends from all around the world. I pray God will show you many things to forge from His heart to yours!

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  1. Hey everyone! I'm very new to this awesome trad/art form and am excited to finally start shaping things into reality. I'm 23 and have found one blacksmith in northern New Hampshire and would like to connect with some more. I'm looking forward to utilizing this site. My friend is getting into woodworker so we are going to be complementary to one another! If you are in NH feel free to say hello!
  2. Absolutely I wish you were close by. Someone is going to get an awesome anvil!
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