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  1. It serves the pots very well. You gave them home.
  2. Having an aura of greatness! Brilliant.
  3. A sentimental and sweet gift. She’ll adore the gift and you.
  4. Win-win situation. You get to score big bucks, the client gets to be happy and satisfied.
  5. Of no doubt, these pieces can stir conversations in a snap.
  6. Very nice. It definitely caught my attention.
  7. Great things oftentimes come in small packages. Case in point – your hat. You nailed it!
  8. Solid rock! Full of admiration with your work.
  9. Adorable !!! Just one of the many great things you can do. The hammer and the chisels – oh they are fine !!!
  10. With everything you’ve done, that’s still a lazy day for you, huh. Those are stellar metal projects, by the way. Keep them in.
  11. I love it. Its designs and all. Looks heavy though. Can it be moved by the wind?
  12. How you create it is sharp and edgy! I am beyond amazed.
  13. Same here. I was kind of overwhelmed by the size of the pictures. But anyhow, it is of sublime beauty and quality. Made my day J
  14. Talk about magnanimity of craftsmanship and beauty!