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  1. I know this thread is years old but I live in an apartment currently and the only place I can set up is public land. Read into your local fire codes and check with the forest you're setting up in to make sure you are legal. I have a LP forge and since it isn't a "solid fuel" I and can be shut off rather than extinguished I am totally legal. I don't set up where I might bother people and I do look out for the current fire danger and fire bans, In my area if stage 1 bans are in effect I cannot work which kinda sucks but I understand rules is rules.( I'm also a Wildland Firefighter so I have a decent idea of how to burn a forest down and how to avoid it) The real downside is moving my 250lb Hay Budden from the back of the car to the stump and back every time. And waiting for the forge to cool before I pack up and head home. But if this is your only option I say do it. It's a bit of a pain but worth it so I can forge. This is what it usually looks like, the forge was a bit close this time and I ended up moving the anvil to save my right leg some toasting. 

    P.S. I do have a quench bucket it's just out of frame, definitely a requirement if a ranger or some such wants to have a chat with you about what you're up to. Have some means of putting out a fire.(water and tool, like a shovel or hoe...or a pulaski :P 


  2. So, I work on a wildland fire crew and we have about 10 old 28" Stihl bars that will just be tossed, so I snagged them up and am now curious if any of you all have attempted to forge with them. I know it's laminated and hopefully there won't be air gap issues when I try the weld but its trash anyway so what xxxxxxx, right? If any of you guys or gals have played with these and can offer advice it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading.


    P.S. welding chains as well, we got a lot 

    Watch the language

  3. Hello everyone, I was hoping someone could guide me a little here. I've got 500lbs, give or take, of coal that got drenched when we had a few rainy weeks here. Since then I tried laying some out on the asphalt in the sun to dry it out but couldn't get any of it to light in the forge. Am I going to have to trash all my coal or is there something I can do? Also, how does one trash that much coal?

    Thanks for reading.

  4. A friend of mine has an anvil marked "wright" and it has an H on either side towards the bottom. He believes it is a Henry Wright(who was copying Peter Wright's design before he got his patent in 1852ish?) He is getting into antiques and asked my opinion, I know very little about anvils so I pass the question on to those more knowledgeable


  5. Yet another question, sorry I have so many. I think I'm going to make my own firepot, would y'all suggest a square or rectangular one? I feel like the rectangle would be better because I could heat longer pieces better, but I am not sure if I'm correct in this assumption. Thoughts?

  6. Alright, I'll look into those, thank you. Also I know its probably above my skill set right now but can anyone offer advice on forging my own hammer. I can't find one that I like in a store and the ones online are over $100 so I would prefer to make one, plus I would like to know I made my own hammer. Any help is greatly appreciated

  7. Hello everyone. I was told about this forum by the smith who gave me my first lessons on Blacksmithing and sold me my anvil. I want to get acquainted with more smiths in my area and learn as much as possible as well as get advice and tips from you guys. As I mentioned before I do have an anvil, I also have a space for a smithy but I'm still working on buying/building my forge. Any advice on forge making would be greatly appreciated along with any other advice


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