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  1. Nobody special..your wife eats feed corn????
  2. Burned my nuts once ,but thats a different story
  3. so much time wasted that could have been used for forging
  4. i just pulled out the Valves on my 2cwt Massey clearspace ,and reading John N's comment about the the missing ring on the 4th portion of benprothero,s valve on his 2cwt, mine is the same ,no band in the middle,and it doesnt look like its been repaired .On a dfferent subject,all portions on my Valve assembly except "B"and "C" are spinning,shouldnt they be rotating or spinning as well?
  5. a spray of Australian Bloodwood, a Eucalyptus tree, which has beautyful red flowers would look very nice as well.
  6. Hi Fire in the forge where are you? The endevour foundation in Bowen bags coke and sells it in 20 kg bags, they have different sizes ,10-20 mm , what is refered to as nut coke. as well as larger sizes. they ship it to an endevour store near you lets say Cairns or Mareeba and the freight is not expensive as they have their own trucks. try them out. Cheers Hans
  7. had a springhammer now for 20 years and used it a fair bit too, also got a bar stool,it may be not as tough looking sitting down on a hammer but its simple , try it out.
  8. Now the question is how tall is the operator...3ft6 or 6ft3? looking at the picture he is more in the 3foot category
  9. Daniel Boone didnt die of food poisoning?!! :rolleyes:
  10. Phil and one also could carry coal to Newcastle B)
  11. HJP

    Show me your Lathe

    I thought dis woz a blacksmith forum :unsure: :P
  12. Been looking all over the place ,i was wondering where it got to......... :P
  13. woodrow you could have ask me -_- total 3.5 t ,anvil 1t motor .25t :unsure: hope God will confirm this
  14. what would be wrong with a gasforge turned low , i can turn mine right down , and to see if aluminium is at forge temperature ,take a piece of pinewood and scrape it like you would write with chalk and if it leaves a charcoal like mark its ready to forge, cheers HJP
  15. Hi Phil Forgemaster come and stay at woodys and my place just a little further north where the real Queensland is , that is turn left at Cairns, but pick that hammer up first and leave it at Woody s place he ll do it up for you and drop it back in .........2029... Cheers Hans
  16. Hi All Getting closer to install my 3cwt clearspace ,cut through the concrete slab on Saturday.Also ordered and received installation pack from Massey ,thanks John N you can go and party tonight ,send the money off today .i like reading all the info. Also ,as i mentioned before ,i tracked down the blacksmith who worked on the hammer when it was still at the Bundaberg sugarmill, and he is comming for a visit when its running ,so i got to get my finger out... cheers Hans and thanks again to all the people for their great advice. Here are the pictures, Hans
  17. Sandblasting and inorganic zink or hot dip galvanizing everything else is a waste of time and is not good for your reputation cheers HJP
  18. Phil they are a secret society like the brisbane mob :ph34r: B) or maybe they havnt learned to type write yet :P
  19. i wont get sick of you , as long as you keep supplying me with Hammers , :)
  20. A useful tool you say...hmmmm... a Massey :P you can make all thetools in the world with it .....Welcome
  21. So there IS life in that there Brisbane (Queensland )Blacksmithing Movement i am happy to see ,although iam far to the North where the real Queensland is the one with crocs and cyclones ,jellyfish etc, but yous down there got campbell soup. :unsure: :wacko: :rolleyes: i would like to see more action of us bananabenders on this site and iam willing to make my shop available in the future for a "Forge In " Weekend let me know if yous interested i am on the Atherton Tableland Cheers Hans
  22. ;) Woody we have noticed that you have come along way ,and we all take full credit for this B)
  23. Wouldn't it be great if a video like this existed from the Massey company