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    SMITHING! Then comes Writing, primitive archery(not much going here tho) leatherwork, anything outdoors unless its a TX Scorcher, and most important, spending time with the fam
  1. To add for those just coming into metalwork period, and I know there are a few out there, Sparks and other hot junk can bounce too, hot little marbles or tiny razors flying about. Safety glasses should fit pretty tightly against your face be XXXXXX with comfort unless you REALLY have a good reason. I used to always wear ArcOne wrap-around shades as a welder and was grinding once when I had one on a mission to find my eye. I came around my work oddly and this little spark glanced up off my shirt, then off my cheek and around my shades, off the inside of the lens and onto my contact. Wasn't re
  2. Didn't see this until I posted the other one, but I loled big time.
  3. I had not done the hose test, but hemitite was what I had originally guessed my ore to be. Geology was never my strong point, but I'm working on it, like many other things atm lol. I really need to get batteries for my camera. This was helpful as always Thomas, finding a small nugget that looked like that in a gopher mound was what had gotten me investigating the iron content of this county. I have yet to find another, but was pleased to discover that my area has ore in general. I am working my way to my first smelt, but working on refining my charcoal making methods though as of yet no
  4. I gave a little shout of glee when I saw this! What I have and wanted to get confirmed as ore looks alot like that. Is there a way to estimate the quality from a cross section like Jammer's first pic? I'd like to be able to sort out my stock somewhat without having to post a bunch of pics up if anyone could help me.
  5. I have been misunderstood I think. This is not an immediate project at all and I am saving this ore for the right time. I do have more from elsewhere to work with, just was harder to get ahold of cuz I had to drive around more. Leon county is on the state list for having iron ore so finding more isn't really an issue, I believe it is hematite (spelling) but need to get some pics up to be sure. That will be posted elsewhere. I understand that I have alot of time ahead of me still. In 'soon' I meant within the year.
  6. See...shows how much I have yet to learn; thank you. I meant vertical and horizontal though you make a good point in having a thin and thick set of both which was why I had asked about the thickness of the one in my link. So my little set now comes to 7 hammers total, but I will probably end up doing a pair/quartet of larger cross peens. Should I do a larger ball peen as well? 5 lbs maybe? My education here is sorely lacking so I do not know what is commonly used. I had really wanted a sort of 'starter' set forged of this ore and I may start some sort of line out of better stock somewhere down
  7. One day soon, after I get a good bloom or five I plan to forge my own set of hammers starting with a regular old mini-sledge, both styles of cross peen, a ball peen (these in the 2-3 lb range) and a larger sledge for heavier work. This is sort of a project of love for me as the ore I am saving for this came from a very special place. For my own sake I will keep the details short. In October of 2009 my wife unexpectedly lost our third child, Jordan, in a miscarriage and he was soon buried in an old cemetery out in the country nearby. It so happens that there was quite a hoard of ore there th
  8. I happened to have one off the hair dryer I fried from over use the last time I had room to smith. Just used it cuz I wasn't sure if the old motor I was trying to fix was worth it or not and it needed a cord anyhow. I too have use the ol' lightswitch trick :)works nicely and you can put it within easy reach
  9. Awesome, just what I was looking for. Thanks ya'll!
  10. I asked about this in my intro, but figured it would get more feedback here. So, is there a state/nationwide one? I'd hate to inadvertantly copy someone.
  11. an easy on/off switch is the safety plug off a hairdryer or other bathroom electrical device. Hit test for off, reset for on, but I dunno how long would last under heavy use. Just rigged my first one to the drill press I salvaged.
  12. not spending money on it lol, wish i could, but yeah, I should just bring it all inside, was just trying to save space in the future shop and this wasn't really meant to be entirely permanent, just hardy. I'll just build the rear extra thick and have it serve as part of the rear wall instead. This was a quick attempt to get the smokestack outside without having to go through the future roof, so if I could still manage that without having to buy anything for a foundation atm it would be nice and we are coming into our dry season in texas so rain likely wont be a problem, though it has been driz
  13. I'd have to second this, fewer attachments to make, but however ya'll do it I would love to see the results! You can BECOME ambidextious, my sister did. A small note, I read in a Nat Geo about the breakthroughs in modern cybernetics. For something like this that would required a good deal of durability and dexterity, not to mention being an 'odd' amputation (not to offend) someone out there might be willing to foot the bill.
  14. I am starting my forge build and am having to do things on the cheap, but I have a bunch of flagstone that had been serving duty around the graden beds and figured it would serve as a good foundation on which to build. The location is odd as I want the rear to be protuding off of the poured slab of our former garage to both save space and add a little something to the small building that I plan on in the future. Now, to save a bit of stone (cuz I don't really have alot of large, thick pieces) I chose a spot on the back side of the foundation that had several inches of hill where sediment had b
  15. Doing so atm, lol. Having....not really issues, but I'm at an impass with my forge, I'll post up elsewhere in a minute. Thanks for the heads up and the invite Thomas! Waiting on gas money lol. Do you smelt too? I'd bring some broken up ore with me if ya do. Something I'm going to play around with to build up my tool supply. I figure why not make em from scratch, though I realize it will be a long road still. I've been scavanging to start, but thats going to dry up sooner or later so I need to find a landowner out in the boonies that has a mound of the stuff and a broken bowie. BTW, been
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