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    west yorkshire
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    Blacksmithing, designing, playing drum kit, going to gym, chilling with good people, beaches and the sea, drinkin beer, classic rock music.

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  1. hello I am lee pickard 23 yrs old and a artist blacksmith from England hope your all well I thought id just ask if anyone is in need of a journeyman blacksmith with 4 years experience or if anyone has any long term work in which they are looking for someone to work with I can send a skills based c.v to anyone interested. hope to hear back from you cheers!
  2. have a great time guys and don't let jimmy have any apple pie.... hahaha!
  3. Between the hammer an the anvil: judas priest
  4. Yeah jus nipped back right quick an haha! VIP now mate! Lol
  5. In critique my work section there are pics of my work or visit my blog leepickardartistblacksmith.blogspot.com Hope ya like my stuff :)
  6. Unlucky iron woody sorry ya cant be there! Everyone else lets get mohhammered!!!!
  7. Visit hereford they have the national school of blacksmithing there! Good luck!
  8. Look into herefords ba hons artist blacksmithing degree i have jus qualified an now im in australia workin for a blacksmith for a year or so as a journeyman, best 3 years of my life wasnt at all like 6th form or normal education if your serious about learnin hereford weather its the technical course or artist blacksmithing degree is the place to go! Plumpton is okay but not as good as hereford but it is run by a great guy called ricky! If ya go say hi from me! Good luck there is hope you jus gotta work for it an really want it an keep a very open mind!
  9. Hey andrew i would like to come but its up to moony cos i cant drive but il ask him! Thanks a lot for the invite tho :) hopefully see ya then if not at get hammered!
  10. Im here already! Arrived yesterday fresh from old Blighty!
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