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  1. My friend, who is lucky enough to be strolling the streets of Cordoba, Argentina, sent me a couple of pictures of some anvils he ran across in an antique store. I wish I could tell him more about them. Tapered heal, probably European, wider face than horns, separated legs with decorated arch typical of what place and period? He could have gotten them for $600, but they would set off the metal detector and would surely be confiscated as fast as my Leatherman at the boarder. I'm heading that way soon, but I bet one of the Cordoba brothers picks them up before I can get there.
  2. Ideas are sacred in the sense that they should be shared. I doubt I've had a purely original thought in my life, but if I ever did, that would be the one I'd be proudest to pass on. On the other hand, it's probably easier to combine old ideas in new ways to make some larger, at least novel product. Take anything you want from me and if it comes out well, share it with someone else. I thought that was what this place was about.
  3. Very nice design. Sawn, heated, twisted, I'm guessing.
  4. Called a busher. Smoothes rough stone surfaces when sculpting.
  5. When you are writing an instructional book, you might be tempted to make instructions for every little thing, even those things you don't necessarily have a formula for. I think most people simply find the most comfortable position to deliver the blow as accurately as possible, using the part of the anvil that will give the best result. I have stood on the anvil and driven a long piece of heavy stock between my feet onto the face to upset the end. This posture is far from matching the one you describe. The main caution I would make is to avoid bending down too close to the work. There is a danger of taking a blow from a rebounding hammer in the forehead. This can be painful, not to mention embarrassing if there are witnesses.
  6. "Secretariate, Ruffian, Tom Fool, Tim Tam, Dr Fager, Demascus, Buckpasser. All shoed by a blacksmith" Thought he was a "plater".
  7. I like the punch and chisel design. Many Yellin pieces incorporated that kind of element. Seems like I read that he researched their historical usage. I have meant to do the same. Maybe I'll do that right now. Thanks, and keep stuff coming.
  8. "Bodega"? Not "yunque"? Must be slang. Wonderful, but very poor place when a larger country isn't sponsoring war there. Apparent surplus of doves too.
  9. Ken Albert

    pot rack

    © 2014

  10. Looks like you bring some feel for the medium. Not sure about the best way to hook with the art guys. There's a piece of that in us all of course, but there are fewer art guys than tool guys. I guess that makes sense and helps anyone "new" to figure out how to accomplish what has been imagined. Luck to you.
  11. Boa dia. Easier than Welsh to learn. More experienced smiths here, maybe, than other sites. It's mostly the lesser guys who show their stuff though.
  12. Ken Albert

    Pond brace

    © smine

  13. Ken Albert

    Brace fish

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  14. Ken Albert

    Brace hand

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  15. As usual, there's more to it than meets the eye, but for most of us, including professionals, I think there is more potential for profit than damage in showing your stuff and not worrying. I want to see as much of everyone's work, dead or alive, as possible... In fact, I think that many of the best pieces that forum members have made, are not displayed here. We are free with our tool shots, but the really good stuff only shows up at the conference if at all. How much of the highest quality is in one of the multiple homes of the people who can afford it, never seen by anyone but the person dusting it and the one percent friends/guests? Not likely to steal your ideas. They couldn't tell if it was forged or cast. Best to be proud of your work, show it to anyone who wants to see it, and hope they have something to show you in return. We all get better, move forward with our designs, probably without losing money or prestige.
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