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  1. Avadon. that is a piece of art. I would have that anvil and stand in my living room as an art piece.. er if I could afford it and lived alone... that is the better half would some how manage to place it where the sun don't shine (and I'm not talking about the basement) if I did.
  2. Thanks all. This pretty much confirmed what I thought. I anticipate a Lincoln ac dc tombstone and then a small mig. I'll get whatever I get the best deal on first. Thanks again.
  3. I"m interested in doing some blacksmiting/welding projects and wondering if a simple stick welder would serve my purpose, looking at Lincoln ac 225 or ac dc225. Should I just get a Mig. I'm thinking of using 1"-2" square tubing, some round tubing, I'm guessing 1/8" thick or maybe thicker. Also using 1/8 flat bar, 3/16 to 1" square stock. I plan on using the square tubing for frame and doing some designs with the solid and welding it to it. I'm very very new so any help would be appreated. Also if you post your pictures if you wouldn't mind explaining how you welded it, i.e. Mig, Tig, Stick, torch.. etc. thanks.
  4. I'm looking for examples of beds, tables, furniture made. the word "bed" is too short to search. wondering if anyone can post pictures for me. those are the first projects I will attempt. I'm trying to make as many useful items as possible. thanks.
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