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  1. Saturday and Sunday | May 3–4 




    Touchstone celebrates its Sixth Annual Jim Campbell Hammer-In, a yearly celebration of all things blacksmithing that honors the enduring legacy of longtime volunteer and friend to Touchstone, Jim Campbell. Join us in the Hart Moore Blacksmith Studio for demonstrations in the art and craft of working hot steel. To add a bit of excitement to this year’s event, Touchstone is holding a workshop giveaway through which a lucky attendee can win an all-expense-paid* summer workshop in the Hart Moore Blacksmith Studio. With instructors like Greg Price, Bob Rupert, and Logan Hirsh on the roster for 2014, some lucky person is going get an amazing artistic and educational experience.
    For this year’s Hammer-In, Touchstone has invited experienced and innovative blacksmiths Greg Gehner and Ken Roby to demonstrate. Greg received a BA in metalsmithing and blacksmithing from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, and his work synthesizes traditional forging approaches with innovative fabrication processes into objects with a decidedly modern aesthetic. He transitioned into a full-time metalsmith. In 2005, he established Transit Forge with a move to northwestern Pennsylvania, where he continues to forge and fabricate a variety of sculptural, functional, and architectural metalwork from his shop in Cambridge Springs. Ken established himself as a professional farrier after graduating from Hawken School, attending Montana State University’s farrier science program, and earning his BA from Kent State University. Ken transitioned from a 15-year career in shoeing horses to concentrate on the art of blacksmithing, and now teaches and demonstrates at numerous conferences, workshops, and classes across the country, including the Sculpture Center of Cleveland and the Cleveland Institute of Art. These talented blacksmiths bring two distinctive approaches to the Sixth Annual Jim Campbell Hammer-In, and we’re excited to see the conversation in steel unfold.
    The weekend will include artist lectures, forging demonstrations, iron work displays, gourmet camp food, tool vendors, and good old blacksmithing camaraderie. Please call the office at 724.329.1370 or click here to register for the event. Registration, which includes daily activities and delicious meals Saturday through Sunday, is $70 at the door. Inexpensive lodging options can be reserved separately. In addition, we encourage all iron enthusiasts to bring an artful object or forging tool to donate to the auction. All proceeds will go to scholarships for blacksmithing workshops and studio improvements. *Includes workshop tuition, room and board. Materials fees are not included and must be paid separately.
  2. Hey folks, my name is Adam Kenney and I am the Executive Director of Touchstone Center for Crafts in Farmington, PA. Touchstone is a residential craft school located in the Laural Highlands. We operate over eight studios in various craft forms, but our flagship studio is definitely the Hart Moore Blacksmith Studio. It's one of the most comprehensive facilities in the region dedicated to the art ans science of moving hot metal. I started last July and am looking for ways to make Touchstone a more valuable resource for blacksmiths in the region (and beyond). I will be posting links to workshops and special events we have coming up in 2012. Since I Forge Iron is such a popular and visible online platform to talk about all things blacksmithing I thought it might be a good fit. Go to www.touchstonecrafts.org to check the place out, or click here to look at the catalog of workshops.


    Adam Kenney
    Touchstone Center for Crafts

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