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    Blacksmithing, bladesmithing, Dogs, Horses, Hunting wild boars, playing bouzouki, reading, making stuff, collecting over powered not needed tools,

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I am Victor, born in 1984,  I live in Greece near Ancient Olympia (in a village that nobody will know even if i told him) and i have many things to fill my empty head with. Blacksmithing is one of them. I also enjoy reading fantasy and crime fiction literature, hunting with my dogs mainly wild boars but i am an occasional waterfowler and bird hunter. As a profession I am an agronomist (maybe agriculturist is a better translation af my science's name) and I spent all my money buying old tools that I will probably not use so much... I try to learn this art of blacksmithing by myself as it is almost extinct in Greece (except maybe ornamental stuff were forging is used just for making scrolls and then combined with arc welding) and i find IFI to be the most helpfull tool.


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