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  1. Heatwave machining you have to do a calibration before every measurement. You will find that the pad with the readings rotates, i do not know your machine but you will find a way. The procedure is simple. You take a calibrated test piece of steel that you know that has a specific hrc number. You make a measurement with your machine and as it is engaged you rotate the plate with the numbers to correct the reading. Now you are ready to go. You do that every time you want to measure. All this for the possibility that your tool works like mine. But that may not be the case.
  2. I got some boiled linseed oil form ebay so i am ready to give it a go. I am also a beekeeper and i have lots of bees wax...i could make a wax-raw linseed paste (1:7) and use that but i think i will stick with the boiled linseed oil. Another issue : I used Moly-disulfide content grease to grease the screw an the sliding surfaces of my flypress. I read it on an old thread here in the forum. It feels sticky and the overall feeling of the press is slower than before when i was using oil, it even makes sticky sounds.
  3. Hello! You mean that after calibrating with the test disks it still has the same fault?
  4. mini anvil, 3,5kg weight. the maker is Brockhaus, it has a small decall that writes: " Brockhaus Qualitat aus stahl geschmiedet". Translates to " Brockhaus quality from forged steel" with some tooling included (crappy cellphone photos i just noticed)
  5. I don't think i will ever use any of my heavy tools to the extent that will make them worth the money. Maybe many years later. But to my defence i must say it will be a gift. I have to choose for a blacksmith/bladesmith tool up to 500euro. I was thinking a Tormek but a swage block would be nice. Similar Items from ebay (UK) unfortunately are collection only. You will have to email them. I did mail them to ask the same question for Greece and they answered the same day.
  6. Hello! It is quite difficult to find a used swage plate in Greece. The cheapest solution for me seems to be the BECMA swage plate that costs 314 euros -->360 usd. The weight is 35 kg. Is it worth the money? My next option would be to order from angele.de but the prices are out of my pocket's capacity. Thank you for your time!
  7. I can' t find in any of my near by shops boiled linseed oil. What if i use raw? Will it do the job?
  8. I think i am going to stick with the a reinforced concrete base plan, it will cost more for me to find the material and craft the timber one, and i am afraid it will be more prone to flexing. The height will be enough for me (i am1.9 meters talll) and if anyone comes to work with the press a wooden pallete on the floor will have to do. For the looks of the flypress i will use a rust converter and after that a few thin hands of linseed oil, or maybe just the linseed oil (me likes red rust color). Currently i cannot diside: 1)if i need to make two new allen screws to replace the old slotted ones (i am leaning towards "not needed" ) and 2)if i need to completely dismantle the ram to lubricate with grease. Is just external greasing gonna be sufficient? this is the screw and it holds the horizontal bar on witch it rests (piston valve recycled punch)
  9. I found this 125lbs anvil .The only markings are a "J" and the weight. Price is about 250 usd. Any ideas?
  10. Ok! Thank you for the reply. I suspect that mounting the press will be more expensive than the press itself...
  11. I have a question. What should be the working height of the press? I am thinking to make a concrete base for my press so that the spinning wheel is above my head and the table of the press at a height that i will be able to work standing. Any ideas?
  12. HI! I happen to own an original PFP of that size from the 30's. The shape of the anvil is correct. The stamp looks legit. Maybe a paint stripper will tell you more. Looks like NOS.
  13. this beauty followed me home last sunday. I am talking about the post vice...one of the many wonderfull tools collecting rust in that antiques shop. Full working order!
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