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  1. 100 gallon is used with home heating or with gas logs....I'd say you wouldn't need fuel for a long time with a 100 GALLON....un less you mean POUNDS
  2. Yes, I called the Boiler places....But I didn't ask about any broken bags....I'm going to do that now....Thanks..
  3. Well, Every place around here only sells 50# + bags of Greenpatch...If anyone has a bag just taking up space and would like to sell 2 or 3 pounds pm me and I'll send a M.O your way...
  4. Thanks Dodge, I'll see if any place intown has this tomorrow...Seems all the places on line is in large quantities..
  5. Hi guys, I'm a Retired Gunsmith starting a new Hobby, Yeah right?? Well I got an Anvil and a used Forge that has one burner called a (T-REX)? My question for you is this....The forge came with a front door that can be moved up or down to hold in heat....However it has damage and I need to know what to use and also were the best place to get the product...here are some pic's of the forge and the door beside it..
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