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  1. Thanks for the input and advice, guys. I am 26 by the way. I am serious about it and I'm trying to find a good anvil and gas forge right now. For now I'm just going to lurk the forums and learn everything I can. I would like an apprenticeship mainly because I don't want to start any bad habits that my hurt me in the future. Well I'm off to learnin'. Wish me luck.
  2. I searched and I couldn't find anything without bumping an old thread, but I want an apprenticeship so bad. My ancestors were blacksmiths back when it was a necessity, and the two times I have been near a forge the hammer and tongs felt like an extension of my arms. I want so badly to be a blacksmith and apprenticeships are very few and far between where I live. This is the only thing I have ever felt passionate about and I feel that it is something that I have to do to be satisfied and fulfilled with the work I do. I have always believed in asking those more experienced for advice, and I wanted any advice that anyone could give me. Thanks in advance.
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