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    very good work on forging. how thick do you make your chunks to forge the end to end pieces ,that you use down the middle pattern? how do you keep them together so they do not move ,when your trying to forge? what billet steel do you use for the cutting edge?
  2. i would like to know how and or why you got , or did , the forged pattern of the blade. the pattern looks more like laminated steel?
  3. By the way , this took place on 1/12/2013
  4. even though it was a rainy day, it did not stop us from showing the students what it's like to forge. we had the propane and coal forge giving us the best of both worlds. New style and old. To me demonstrating how to forge cable into a solid billet shows you have to pay attention of your heats ,flux,and be quick to forging to stickall thoses strands together to form a homogenous weld. Thanks to Arnold for opening his shop andfor contacting me to demonstrate for his students .