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  1. Burnie, the place outside of (west of) Lithgow on the way to Mudgee is called (google) Goodearth Lithgow. You may also try Clarence Colliery, which is east of Lithgow. Perhaps give either a call.
  2. Good idea on the twisting bars, thanks, was gonna keep em for art-y projects. Yes it’s starting to warm up, got some other things to catch up on though, when it’s too hot tb near the forge.
  3. Garage Sale. All for $3.60 US ($5 AUD). The roll of wire is thick Piano wire, guy said good for springs.
  4. New stand. 1 inch plate on 1/4 inch wall, 2 in. x 3 in. legs, which sit 9 deg. off vertical (no sand). 5/8 in. bolts with hardwood wedges to hold down extra tight. No caulk between Anvil and plate, but magnet under heel with kids bouncy balls jammed in handling holes keeps it all quiet with no ring.
  5. Anyone know what this is/was used for? In the Peter Wright Catalog Book.
  6. ....not the top, which is near perfect, but the underside. I’m going to make a metal tripod stand, which I prefer over wood, for my latest Anvil, and I noticed the Anvil is rocking on flat surfaces. There is actually very, very, little contact between the underside of the Anvil and the top of the plate I’ve chosen to make the stand out of, due to various high spots. In fact it’s all over the place. Am I better off by removing high spots by grinding/milling, or pad welding in the corners to increase surface area contact. How much contact is enough? How long is a piece of string?
  7. Ha ha, thanks Mod, I understand shmick. No haven’t filled yet Marc, only painted it today. Going to see if she rings at all before I add sand/oil. It’s heavy as xxxx.
  8. My stand for my 140lb BK Syd. anvil. Tripod legs 3” x 2”, 8 deg off vertical. Rear legs at 45 deg to centre line of a 1” thick plate.
  9. Hello, of what benefit is the oil, that is usually added to sand, when placing inside stand legs?
  10. Hello, found an advert. for Rapid Forges at a Garage Sale. Thought I'd add it to the above info. It comes from a 1960 catlogue.
  11. Hello all, here are some photos from the first day (Saturday) of Ironfest 2013. Anyone close by in NSW should get along to the second day (Sunday). See you there.
  12. Two weeks to go till Ironfest 2013. April 20 and 21, Lithgow NSW Australia. :D
  13. Nice Job. How long is (or how long would you recommend) that taper?