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  1. Thanks for the response. That, I will try.
  2. I get that for sure. I'm going to take a stab at this. The harder the anvil face, the less the anvil "gives", which transfers more energy into the piece that is being worked, rather than the anvil itself. Less rebound = anvil absorbing energy...Am I close?
  3. Thanks guys. I will check that out. Of course, with it being concave, I may not be able to get that bearing to bounce straight back up ; ) Could you explain to me the importance of the hardness of the anvil and the relationship of the bounce to the blacksmith and the piece being forged?
  4. Hello to all. I have another repair related question that I wanted to throw out here, to see if my thinking is right. Recently, I bought a used post-vise on ebay. It seems to be in good used shape, except for the leg. It is ever-so-slightly bent at the bottom. My guess would be that it is out 5 degrees or less. I am thinking that I should secure it, try to heat the bend with a torch, and then use a "cheater bar" to try and true it up, but I wanted to get some more experienced advice before I went and did something that I will regret. I will try and get a picture posted on here tomorrow if I need to. Thanks in advance for the help.
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome! I have updated my profile accordingly. I will try and get some pictures in the morning before work, as I will probably get home after dark today. I have joined our local blacksmith association, which meets once a month. How much rebound am I looking for? Let's say I hold the hammer about 6 inches above the face of the anvil and drop the weight of the hammer on it? What should I expect? Thanks for the reply! I am enjoying already, though I scarcely know how to make anything but a few hooks ; )
  6. Would you elaborate for me how this can have advantages? It seems to me that having the dip in it would prohibit returning stock to "true"... I await the education! Thanks for the reply.
  7. I have recently purchased what I believe is a forged anvil. The face is slightly concave and I had read somewhere that it was possible to flatten it out and have a steel plate welded to it. I am new to this, so forgive me for not offering all of the necessary details. If more information is necessary, or even pictures, I will be happy to provide. If this is do-able, what thickness and type of steel would be best for the job?