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  1. Rusty- Love your work! Like Jim said, that is some grand stuff. Jim- Love the advice. I think you were right about the hobby thing, my father said if it starts as a hobby, then an apprenticeship is well within my reach. Stewart- I currently reside in Northwest Florida. Thanks for the help, guys!
  2. 16 y/o here, (love the forum by the way) and I have an urgent inquiry. I've been interested in blacksmithing for several years now, and I'm just now asking my parents if they'd let me be an apprentice for the local family-owned smithy. My mother had no problem with it, but my dad did, and here's where the story becomes tricky: My father describes blacksmithing as a, and I quote, "dead trade", and that proper smithing has been replaced with metal fabricators and machines. I've tried explaining to him that blacksmiths can produce dimensions and textures with metal that machines simply cannot, but he won't listen. And here's where you, my friends, come in. To try to get an upper hand in the argument, I'm asking of you to do some sort of research that may help me in the argument. I have researched all that I can, and I will continue, but a little help is appreciated. Thanks! Greg
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