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  1. heloo people, i am not a real black smith or anything but i am an enthusiastic new metal worker and i make improvised swords and stuff

    i live in quite an urbanised area but there arent really any advanced hardware stores around, so i usually have to make a barbecue fire or use the kitchen stove and collect junk   :D and i dont have access to proper steels. recently i started work on a knife, it normal iron,the type used by welders for making gates and ladders ( its not steel as far as i know) , and i need to harden it as much as i can because right now its not much use as the edge isnt durable, what exactly should i do? i have no access to torches or a forge or power tools, basically im in the medieval times :D what should i use to quench this knife? used motor oil or water ? pleeease help me out i really need help


  2. alright last year i made a sword out of a very pathetic metal slab (it was a grss cutting hockey)
    its a bit rigid mild steel but bends very easily. the rest of the sowrd is awesome but i feel i wasted my energy
    when i look at the blade can someone PLEAAAAASSSSSSSEEEEEEEE tell me how to temper mild steel? i dont have access to
    any forge or big burners the max i can gt is a good nice barbecue charcoal fire but plz help me im losing my mind over the stupid blade

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