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  1. Hi All Does anybody have nice photos of a type A1 Kohlswa anvil? A nice side view, top view, horn & back views and a sort of isometric view. Also, please tell me the weight of the anvil. I like the style of this anvil and want to show it around at the scrap metal yards to illustrade to the people what I am looking for.
  2. Thank you Matt & Phil At least I know now where to start. Much appreciated.
  3. Hi Phil OK I hear you, but can you perhaps tell me where I can get the information on hardening the table and how do one tests for the correct hardness? Remember that it is of SG7 steel. And one last thing - it is not 200kg, but only around 130kg. (See my first post on this topic) At this stage all (except maybe the preacher's wife) know that I am looking for an anvil about that size. At the moment I am using a piece of railroad track. Does anyone know what steel railroad track is made of and how the hardness of the track compares to that of a proper anvil? Just curious.
  4. Hi Phil Thanx for that link to the table giving the composition of SG7 steel. Yes R 3 000 is about $ 430. I don't know if this is expensive in your point of view, but for a SA newbie it is a fair amount of money. And then I also don't know much of hardening and to what degree the steel must be hardnened. Thanx to all you other guys for your valuable input. Ian, I will try the scrap metal places again trying not to look like a cop. I had one guy who told me he has five anvils, but he didn't even want to show them to me. I was curious only to see in what condition they were, but he refused solidly for me to see them. Maybe I must rather try not to look like a thief!
  5. Hi Ian Thanx for your advice. I tried all scrapmetal places in the Free State, some in the Northern Cape and also even some in the North-West province. They don't want to sell them (I don't know why) or if they are willing to sell, the anvil is in a beyond-repair state. You will also know that with the current exchange rate an anvil of that size costs around R 22 000. The foundry in Bloem is willing to cast me one in (I think) SG7 steel (I don't know how the properties of this steel compare to the steel suitable for an anvil.) This will still cost me around R 3 000 and then I also have to machine and heat treat the anvil myself. Do you have any other suggestions? Thanx
  6. Hi All Is it in any way possible to melt and cast railroad track steel? I am talking of 130kg (286 lb) steel consisting of 200mm (8") long pieces of railroad track cast in one batch. If it is possible for the backyard foundry guy to do this I am planning on casting my own anvil. Or tell me if I am crazy!
  7. Hallo alle mede smede. Waar kan mens coke kry (is die regte term kooks?) Ek sien dit word meestal gebruik om die vuur mee te maak vir smeewerk. As jy hoëkoolstaal wil smelt, waarvan moet jou crucible gemaak wees? ---------------------------- Hello all fellow craftsmen. Where can you get coke (the coke right term?) I see it is mostly used to fire along to make forging. If you want High carbon steel melt, which you must Crucible constructed?
  8. Thanx for your replies - much appreciated. I am from Waverley, a suburb in the town of Bloemfontein in the Free State province, almost right in the centre of South Africa. One of the main reasons for me using HC for the whole axe head was because I got a 5kg (11 lb) piece of a truck leaf spring for free and thought it would make a good axe. The leaf spring is about 89mm (3 1/2") wide x 14mm (1/2") thick x 522mm (20 1/2") long. Now, surely I won't be using the whole piece for making this one axe - so I will save some for other axes, etc made in the traditional way. I was just concerned about the workability of the HC, but seems from your replies that it won,t be a problem. I would like though, to also make an axe from mild steel with a HC inlay at the bit and then compare the performance of both axes in terms of absorbing the impact of the blow, keeping the cutting edge, etc. Is there somone who can tell me what coke really is and where in SA you could find some? I assume it is not the same as anthrasite?
  9. I am new here - so be nice. I just started out with blacksmithing - in fact, my anvil is a piece of railroad track and I am still working on my forge. I want to make a double bit working axe and have read various articles and viewed several videos on this topic, but due to my limited knowledge there is one thing I do not understand. In all of these articles and videos they forge weld a small piece of high carbon steel into the bit of the blade. In one instance it was actually a piece of leaf spring. Why not forge the whole axe out of leaf spring? I should think that it will give you a product which will absorb the impact of the blow better when using the axe.
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