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  1. I think i will start with flat stock and try that round rod jig! Thanks for the help
  2. I was going to do it freehand untill i figured out a jig for it.
  3. So you reccomend stock removal for small hollow ground blades?
  4. Hi everybody. Ive only flat ground my blades so far, but i want to start hollow grinding some straight razors. During my forging process i forge all bevels in and clean them with a flatter before i start rough grinding. My question is, do i need to forge in an edge bevel for hollow grinding or do i need to just forge he knife shape without bevels?
  5. liamh

    IMG 20130918 215944

    6 inch chefs, 132 layer damascus. 1095/15n20/mild steel.
  6. liamh

    IMG 20130919 120837

    Bearded viking axe. 4140 steel
  7. liamh

    IMG 20130925 144344

    Fixed blade straight razors.
  8. liamh

    IMG 20130925 144456

    Small sheath knife. 92 layer 1095/5160 damascus, copper and ebony.
  9. liamh

    IMG 20131006 103305

    Up close on a 6inch chefs
  10. liamh

    IMG 20131005 220939

    Up close on a 6inch chefs
  11. liamh

    Gut Hook

    Thank you for the responses, ill look for some large half round or full round files.
  12. liamh

    Gut Hook

    Iv'e been commissioned to make a large knife with a larger than normal gut hook. I'm trying to figure out the best way to create this gut hook. Iv'e looked around and everyone is using a chainsaw file to create one, but it is too small. Any ideas?