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  1. Did you go to Aggie?

  2. Use firebrick, then. Probably a really good idea. Thanks everyone!
  3. Vinegar will remove the zinc?
  4. I finally finished my coal forge! It's made of a Massive old bus rim with plumbing fittibgs attatched to the bottom with slits for air and ash. Inside of this i've piled up several flat rocks in order to create a bowl-shpaped firepot. Here's the problem: the pipes are cast iron, but the flange connecting them to the rim is zinc-plated. My forge is located out in the middle of a field, so ventilation's no issue, but if the zinc flange gets hot enough, will this cause a health concern? Alex
  5. Great work! The Lignum vitae must've been a pain to carve!
  6. Heh, I'll have to remember not to mess with the springs. Anyway, thanks again to all of your mput, everyone. Rest assured that I will use all necessary PPE and work in a well-ventilated area(namely, under a canopy in my backyard). Also, if anyone knows of a blacksmith in need of an apprentice in the Southeastern Massachusetts area, could you refer me to them?
  7. Well said. All of that! I'm a student of arbiriculture and do a fair bit of woodworking, so safety glasses/ANSI goggles have always been a must for me. I'm also definately going to use ear protection. What is the name of the book you mentioned? I'll try to find a copy.
  8. So whe there's one crack, there's bound to be more? Makes sense. My cousin's a mechanic, I'll check with him later this week.
  9. Thanks! I'll have to give them a call and visit them when I get the chance.
  10. Thanks for the welcome! I appreciate the site link, I'm still trying to find a group to work with, and this will definately help!
  11. Wow....I can't believe I missed that...... Definately need to look into this! Sorry about that!
  12. Checked around. I live in Southeastern MA, so there really isn't much
  13. Hi! My name's Alex, and I've been interested in forging and metalworking ever since I was a little kid. I've finally decided to take up the craft and found this site while searching for information. As fas as a crafting background, I've done a fair amount of fine-detail woodworking, mostly small-scale jewelry, which I hope to incorporate later on. I'd loev to get into this for several reasons. Firstly, you can make your own tools, as opposed to woodworking(wood knives are worthless). On top of that, this is a slightly more aggressive trade. You really can't take your frustrations out on a 2-square-inch piece of wood. I'm 18, and live in southeastern Massachusetts. Perfect spot, if you think about it. It used to be a farming community. What do farming communities have: farming equipment. What does farming equipment do: break down and get tossed out. Great opportunity! If there is anyone in the area willing to teach me a bit, I'd appreciate it hugely. I'm still working on making a coal-burning forge, and should have all of the parts within the next couple of weeks.
  14. So in a general recap: -start small -find an expert -don't be afraid of leafsprings -wear PPE -don't be stupid Drewed: I've managed to learn that in my 18 years of life, heh Frosty: Makes sense. And I like your take on the "addictive" aspect of it! Forgemaster: Clamps. Noted. Thanks! Phil: I've read up on it a bit, and I know for a fact that I'll never understand all of this until i can get in some hands-on. I need to find someone to work with, and pick their brain. Thanks again!
  15. Thanks for the replies! Completely agree with your standing on PPE. I do a considerable amount of woodworking, and have had an education in arboriculture, so safety is key. Fully intend to wear goggles, gloves, boots, and long pants/sleeved shirts when working. I've purchased several basic books that go into detail about technique and tool crafting, and I want to find a group at some point in the near future, woould either of you know of any in southeastern Massachusetts? Thanks again for the help, by the way. I'll stick to pracicing with rebars and cheaper scrap before I try anything complicated!
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