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  1. I'd sell it as is. Not much value to be had by investing in the coat of repair. If it has decent rebound it will be an okay starting anvil for someone else. Looks like a Vulcan.
  2. Pictures would help. If it has no ring, it could be a Fisher or a Vulcan with a cast iron body.
  3. My guess is a Trenton. We'll see if someone who knows agrees.
  4. The shape depends on what you'll use it for most. Here's a thread that will get you started on ideas!!!!
  5. I'd be interested. I have a 300# Fisher. I need to make more hardy tools, and a swage block with holes would be nice. I've been looking for a block with holes that was reasonably priced and sized. That's hard to do.
  6. I'd drive the full 2 hours to him and try for a gasoline discount. But mainly just get it home!
  7. Seriously? Because I know someone who wants to upgrade from his 100# Beaudry....hmmmmm
  8. Hahaha!! All this worry about radi and that's all you have on yours. Lol
  9. Happpyyyyy Birthdayyyyy!!!! Sure looks like a Fisher to me!
  10. If you average the weight it's #176 each. $3.00x176=$528 each. $528 is on the high end for an anvil that size around here. Doesn't leave a person much room to make a profit. "there is a lot of money to be made here for someone" refers to the seller. Lol. If he threw in the 440 pound double horn(Peddinghaus?)then it'd be an interesting deal to consider! I hope someone goes to see them to at least post a picture or make a report.
  11. Congratulations!!! I hope you do well! Don't forget Top Ramen is on sale 10 for $2.00!!! Otherwise I admire your decision!
  12. I know. But I really don't have the money now. This is more of a first come, first served. As far as weight. It was pictured with a 150ish pound HayBudden in his original add and it dwarfed the HB. I lean towards it truly being 400#. The original pictures also show the faceplate sitting proud of the edges of the anvil slightly.
  13. http://portland.craigslist.org/clk/grd/3110907143.html It got re-listed. I really don't have the money nor need it... But figured I'd share it in case someone needs a 400#er.
  14. Stuart.... I think a salvage mission is in order!!! Scuba gear anyone??? Six months ago I saw a 150# Fisher in pristine condition much like the one recently discussed. $500.....Also wearing the sticker on the side. I'd just gotten my 300# Fisher for $360 and being new to the game couldn't justify anything that wasn't a "deal".... I'm such an idiot.
  15. I agree. It's on the high side for a "used" anvil. But it looks practically new. I've paid less than full price for two of the three anvils I bought after dickering a bit. I'd be sorely tempted. I passed on a #150 Fisher that still had the sticker on it for $500 and I will likely regret it forever.
  16. Thanks for posting the pics. I have gotten a few 3"x8"x18" or so forklift tine drops. They weigh #140. Looks like I'll have to make a striking anvil from one. I gave a couple of the other pieces I got away to young, new smiths and knifemakers for post anvils. I never thought of making a striker anvil....
  17. Mr Frog, Just in case you are unaware NJAnvilman is THE man for info on Fisher products. He has a museum filled with Fisher anvils, vises, patterns etc. :-) As an owner of a 300# Fisher myself I also am a fan and eagerly await pictures!!
  18. This has been on CL for a bit. Tempted to get it though I don't NEED it.... http://portland.craigslist.org/clk/grd/3074251831.html
  19. Do you guys realize you're discussing spelling with Stuart, who didn't spell his own name correctly when he created his account? :( :unsure: Stewartthesmith?? Lol. :rolleyes:
  20. Woot! Woot! Congrats!! I'm green with envy!
  21. An easy way I loaded my 300# Fisher 4 times in the last year due to moving was I got 30 or so 2' 2"x6"'s etc from my Dad's scrap pile. Walked the anvil onto the first 4. 2 ea laid side by side then rocked it onto the heel side feet. Added a 2"x6" under the feet and repeated until it was high enough to walk right into my trailer. Easy as pie.
  22. Yup. Use it. :-) I can't see a repair from my iPhone. If there is a repair with lots of use since it was repaired then there's no reason to worry. Enjoy!!
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