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  1. No. Sorry Neg, but just forge on it. Scale is abrasive and will smooth the face out. My 300# Fisher had some pitting. Forging took care of that Just use as is. I promise it will get better.
  2. That vise is fantastic. How could you not NEED it? Thank you for sharing the pictures!!
  3. 150# 1907 300# 1913 I love my Fishers!!
  4. I have my 300# Fisher and 150# Fisher next to each other. I'd sell the 150# Fisher and save the space if the 300#r wasn't missing 4" of the horn. Well. Maybe not actually sell my other anvil. :) As it is, I mounted the 150# 2-1/2" higher. I use it for the slower, gentler shaping heats.
  5. Put me on the list for one. Seriously. I want one. Is that Dick VanDyke flying on an anvil? They are so beautiful!!!
  6. So, you bought this set? Sweet!! It will be intersting to find out more. I hope someone knows more. Does it seem likely he made them, or had them custom made from their construction?
  7. The 100# Vulcan could be fine. I'd test it with a ball bearing. Take cash, offer less and see what happens. Where are you located? Don't get stuck on a London pattern anvil for knifemaking. I'm a newish knifemaker with a couple years of buying tools and setting up a shop under my belt. I'd do a few things different if I could. I have two Fisher anvils and love them, but I've made a top tool for my 300# Fisher that can relegate it to a tool holder for forging an entire blade. After using it for a couple weeks now I'm modifying it today. That first anvil looks like one a friend has. 40-50% rebound. His is an older cast iron ASO. As for finding an anvil. Craigslist is your best bet. The trick is adding the app so you can set search terms to alert you. I found my 4 anvils that I bought so far by checking multiple times a day on CL. I found that when I did so, I saw more anvils pop up than I ever believes was possible for my area. They just don't stay up as postings long because the good ones, or cheap ones go fast. Hope this helps. Ps. Where are you in case someone local can help?
  8. Beautiful Hannes. Thank you. I need to plan a trip to Germany and take a trunk to ship a few of these beauties home. I could use one just like each of these and maybe one more anvil from any region with church windows and a 5th foot. You cleaned that anvil up nicely. The edges are not too bad. Have you used it much yet?
  9. Hannes, Thanks for sharing. I love the sleek horn on your anvil. It has both grace and strength in those lines. And please do share pictures of your other anvil too. I love anvils from your side of the world.
  10. Ooh. That is a beautiful anvil. I love all the big hammer marks from when it was forged. It has a nice squat robust shape. No pritchel hole so, Colonial era anvil? What's it weigh?
  11. Just fantastic. Next time a video please! I love seeing rather large hunks of steel being forged!
  12. That was a great demo on making tongs. Thanks! I left my two best of my 4 sets at a friends. I was going to make some and this will really help. I know this is a month old, but who's the smith doing the demo?
  13. I KNEW it was nice. I passed on an identical condition 150# Fisher with the orange/red sticker on the side for $500. Why?? Because I read on here that over $3 a pound was a rip off. :-O Lol. That #150 Fisher was on CL for a day or two.... Some day I'll come visit your museum Josh. I want to see that Anvil/vise Fisher in person when you get the parts cast. To the OP. I'd be polite, but earnest and try to get that anvil. The vise as well. Other than cash, ask if he'd like something like a knife or two forged on it?
  14. A room of cynics if I ever saw one. That anvils had years of clean living!!! I bet Josh has fifty in different sizes as pristine as this one in his museum. Both my Fishers have seams n edges like that one to some degree. I think it's just a good one.
  15. Yes!!! Use it! That's the best way to clean it up. I fretted over the best way to clean up my 300# Fisher but forging on it ultimately was the best way to get the stop silky smooth. Hot steel and scale are excellent polishing medium. Good luck n have fun. She's a beauty!!
  16. Ooh la lah! That is a pretty little Fisher. I'd happily buy it for that price.
  17. Looks like a Trenton. It's too bad about the missing face.
  18. Projects like this one are awesome. Industrial history playing out before us indeed!
  19. Ha! I knew Josh would be bidding when he didn't chime in to tell us about it while the auction was live. :-) I was soooono tempted to bid on it too but I figured I'd be up against Josh. Lol. Now I want one! I can't wait to see the completed project Josh!!
  20. Sweet!! I've been waiting for pictures!!! She looks stout and the edges are pretty darn good. Looks like your stand is fairly tall?
  21. Ooh la lah! I'm getting close to making one of these. I have 15 or so pieces of 2"x5"x18" forklift tine cut-offs. :-) Thanks for sharing your work!
  22. Buy the base to a backyard patio table umbrella for the base. Or look on CL for a Rigid tri stand vise.
  23. Great advice. Word of mouth is very important. For me I've done better than my savings account cares for buying anvils and such on Craig'slist. My technique is simple. I search these terms daily, 8-10 times. Anvil, Anvils,blacksmith(s), black smith, vise,vice(not everyone can spell), plus a couple others. There's been a few deals I passed on due to funds or I told friends about them. I bet there's 3X as many anvils that sell on CL here than one would think. My reasoning is that searching the way I do, I see anvils weekly that are posted and removed in hours. 3 of the 5 anvils I bought on CL were posted and in my truck then removed from CL within a couple hours...search often or download the premium app on your phone and set auto searches. I am searching for another Fisher, so I check often still. My two cents... Hope it helps someone.
  24. Sweet!! My 150# 1907 Fisher has the 4 little nubs. None that I recall on my 300# 1913 Fisher. I'm loving my 150#. It's a wonderful size. Congrats!
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