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  1. Didn't see a date yet. I bought it this morning on the way to work.... After looking at it closer, the horn appears to have been cast that way.. I'll wire wheel it up in the morning take some better pictures.
  2. I got this beauty for $360 today.... Edges are good, face almost perfect, horn i missing 1/2" or so off the end. He also had a farrier's vice and hammers, tongs and a blown forge still.... Portland Oregon Craigslist...
  3. fluidsteel

    Show me your vise

    Hmmmm.... Duh... Sometimes I need a little help seeing the long term vision.. I might just do that.! Thanks for the idea!
  4. fluidsteel

    Show me your vise

    I picked up this beauty the ten days ago at a salvage yard. It was the best of 6 in a bin. The rest were 4" or so vises..... I cleaned it up with a wire wheel, a hand wire brush and a few sprays of WD-40.... Still have to lube the screw and bolt it to a 24"sq baseplate and a 4" sq tube support. I'll use it to forge integral guards on knives... It's my first post vise!
  5. I bought a Beautiful 6" Post vise from a scrap/salvage yard in Salem Or for $150. It was a fair price, not a steal. But, they had 5 more in the bin rusting away waiting for a home.... My first post vise!
  6. I get all my steel here.... Best to call directly.... http://njsteelbaron.com/
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