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  1. Thanks to all, things went well. I opted for the term 'legend' when talking of the burning-house-nail thing. It does illustrate the scarcity of materials well and is a nice segway into either other pioneer 'smith trades or recycling.
  2. Actually it is 15 minutes and rapid-fire...12 in 3 hours.
  3. Thanks to you all. The suggestions are good and I am especially fond on the burning down of buildings in order to salvage the iron. Something both green and black.
  4. I am buying a new anvil and want your opinion on what to get. Nimba is another choice as are many others, clue me in. I work in the forge as much as I can and plan to build a business based on smithing. My current is a 135 lb Trenton. I really like the double-horn style...
  5. Bitter much? ;-) Thanks though the Idea of burning wood is a good one to be sure... Or not as it doesn't resemble working metal in any way. If anyone out there has an addition to this, pitch in.
  6. I have just joined my local smith's guild and we are doing an annual demo for little kids this week. I am hoping you all may have suggestions on what to show the kids, what bits of history should be mentioned what type of item I might forge to show some actual technique. All suggestions are welcome and the demo is set to be 20 minutes long. Thanks.
  7. What is a 'caplet' The bottom indentation is ovular.
  8. Somebody else already told me these things, and without the snark. Thanks though. Also I believe the correct analogy for a serial number would be a VIN not a plate number. At least I didn't say its anvil-shaped, or really heavy or metal-colored. ;-)
  9. I have been using this anvil for a couple of years now and decided to ID it. Markings on the side are mostly obscured even after extensive cleaning, however the foot has clear markings as follows: Left side under horn '135', Following that to left 'A 147095', Under the heel is a 'U', on the sides appear to be the letters 'WISMITH' in 1/4 inch letters. These letters appear to be only a portion of what was there originally and I am thinking they were added during the life of the anvil. Thank you for the help.
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