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  1. The big one is a 527# Columbus Tool and Forge Co. Arm and Hammer. wrought iron with a hard steel top circa 1911 or 1912. The small one is a 100# wrought iron peter wright. the anvil stand is actully an old swedge block stand.
  2. Also remember that the sparks from grinding are hot enough to light any bottle rockets you might have stored on the workbench.....please do not ask me why I know this, but a whistling moon traveler sounds just like a catostropic grinding wheel failure.
  3. About 6 months ago I was at work carrying a large pnumatic grease barrel pump (picture long and skinny about the size of a mounted machine gun and about 100#) up three flights of stairs, I stoped at the top of the stairs to take a breather and rested the part that goes in the barrel on a hand rail while the other end was on my shoulder. the darn thing slipped off the handrail and the 2" round end went straight down on the top of my foot. Luckily we wear metatarsal safety boots at work the pump hit with enough force to break the plastic metatarsal gaurd and make my foot black and blue for a week, but I may have lost it without them. I never buy boots without steel toes but I am concidering metatarsals for my shop boots after the grease pump incident. It only takes a second for an accident to cause a lot of pain. I imagine toes come off as easy as fingers do (your fingers will come off really easily don't ask me how I know) and it can be totally avoided with proper boots, cribbing, clamping, and safety procedures
  4. I have had the steel sliver doug out of my eye but it was not as bad as the burning coke dust that I got in my eye while working at a coke plant I switched to these glasses AOSafety Prescription Safety Eyewear at work and bought a pair for the shop AO safety was good to deal with too
  5. I use hand held radios too but, I use the GMRS radios They have a little better range $45 for two with a charger when I leave for the shop I take one and give the other to my wife. Although I live in town and always seem to have loiterers hanging around!
  6. I have a one hundred pound peter wright. with a flat top, square edges, and a brain splitting ring that I paid exactly $230 for off of ebay about a year ago. You might not have got a sweet deal but I would say you got it at a fair price. J.W. Morris
  7. I bought a Hobart 250 amp gas drive welder off of this old farm and found these short iron fences. after talking to my antique dealing sister I found out these are grave yard fences... creepy! They will still look good around the top of my wall though.