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  1. Thanks for the advice everyone. The material I used was just plain steel round stock from tractor supply, so no lead or anything to worry about. I have forged the item, and am leaning towards seasoning like you would a cast iron skillet. Maybe rubbing it down with olive oil and heating it up for awhile. Think that would do the trick?
  2. Hi there. I am considering making a steak flipper on my forge out of a piece of round stock. My question is, once forged, can you start flipping steaks and burgers with it, or is there some way you need to treat the metal to make it food safe. This is just some plain old steel round stock (non-galvinized) that I grabbed at TSC. (I am a beginner and not working with any expensive metals)
  3. Hello all, I am wanting to start forging simple grill tools. My question is, since obviously they are going to be used on food, is there a certain type of metal I need to be using? Or a certain way of treating the metal when I am done so that it is safe for food use? Thanks!
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    This is my first attempt at building a forge. It is almost complete!
  5. Building my first forge