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  1. If your novis use a wire feed. I weld up to 1/4" steel with my little lincoln mig pac 100. grind bevels, tack, check for straightness then run a root and run "C" or cresent moon pattern (this will give you the row of dimes) over the root at least the thickness of the metal welded. This is what I do unless I am welding thicker stuff I use my lincoln ac/dc stick welder.
    You will use .035 flux cored wire and .035 tips for the larger stuff 5/16" or 1/4" set the heat to the "D" range and wire speed to 2.5/3.0 also DO NOT USE AN EXTENSION CORD! (if possible) remember there will be a voltage drop so, your setting will no longer be the "D" it may drop to a "C"ish or a "B" ish depending on how long you Xcord is and what guage.
    Take your time, be safe, ventilated and NEVER weld galvanized or plated metal. You can get metal fever (poison)!!! Its not just a cough you have for a couple days.............ITS BAD ****!!!....and it happened to me.

    Have fun and good luck......The Wolf

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