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    i just got into blacksmithing and lovo it
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  1. Hi all. I have a opportunity to buy a peddinghaus #12 anvil. Are they still a good anvil and worth the price and would they hold up to say a Nimab or Refflinghaus. thx Jason Crawford.
  2. i would use it and see if it be comes a problem . They try to fix it.
  3. Hey Peyton , Do you know how to get a hold of doug merkel . I need him to make me a hammer and bring it to the meeting in July. thx jason.
  4. I have that same anvil and it work fine .Been using my for 2yr.The only thing is the face is soft and my has some dent in the face . Good luck with it .
  5. Looking to get a new anvil. Got it down to 2 brands Nimba gladiator and the No.9 - 330 Lb.refflinghaus. I like them both but can only get one .The only thing i don"t like about the nimba is the pritchel hole in the horn. which one would you choose. Thx Jason Crawford
  6. Is there some place to get a name marker or do i have to make it . I want a 4 leaf clover with my initials in it. Thx Jason Crawford
  7. Peyton do you even use the 500 you have now .see you this sat. Jason
  8. Hi all . Just would like to say hi and see if there is a time i could come down and meet some of you all.I would like to come to some of the meeting but my wife work on them all except for the one in October.I will be there for that one .the weekend or the best for me this time of year as i own a A/C company. Thx Jason Crawford.
  9. nice find hope it get put to go use
  10. They look good . I also like the shape
  11. That is cool ,Know what i'm doing this weekend .Thx for the link
  12. gustab


    I would like to get a diagonal peen hammer but do not know where to get it from. I would try to make one my skill is not the good yet . Thx Jason