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  1. You need to turn the coal into coke. Ive never tried to forge weld but have burnt through 1/2 inch round stock while looking the other way.
  2. Hey Steeler,same story home hardware in chase. At least We know what we are after. Thack the Blacksmith knows the ropes in Ontario but so far nothing in BC.

  3. Hello Sidney! I saw your post about coal. I bought a couple of sacks from Home Hardware in 100 Mile House and it cost me $40 per bag plus $25 per bag shipping. that's almost a buck a pound! surely we can do better in this coal rich provence than that.
    I have been hobby smithing for a couple of years now and have been hoping to find others in the interior to compare no...

  4. Used mine for a hammer head and an anvil for my power hammer.
  5. How does an anvil get in this condition. My old anvil has chips out of the edges that I work around but no mater how much hot steel I pound on it has not deformed or chipped under my inexperianced hand. How do anvils get that deformed?
  6. Home Hardware in Chase BC. Around $30.00 / 70 pd. bag. Plus shipping from Ont. Cost $1.00ca/pound. It was a special order and can be ordered at any Home Hardware.Took 6weeks to get to BC, but it is the only blacksmithing coal I have found anywhere. Hard to get a clean fire but I am working on it. At least it is the right size and type. Does anyone know where Home Hardware gets their coal?
  7. You sound a bit paranoid to me. Quitting your dependancy on foriegn oil has got to mean more coal use including coal gassess. Relax coal is here to stay. Its just good buissness to use it efficently and produce less mess. It cost money to clean up the mess, best not to make one.
  8. I feel much safer now knowing that swords were not designed to cut trees. My old quarter staff just might be sword proof. Trees come in all sizes. Small green ones are particularaly easy to cut. It would be a poor piece of steel that wouldn't cut wood. Steel is really good at cutting wood. Thats why it took over from flint pointed spears. Swords are old tech and fought a variety of old tech weapons through out the ages.. I don't belive swords cut rock. My chainsaw won't. Nails will ruin an axe or sword edge and its a shame when it happens. A strong sword could break some rock but then so can some people. It would be an advantage if a sword could withstand a blow on a iron helm. A sword strong enough to the deform the helm and head underneath it. Or strong enough to cleave a shield.
  9. When I was in the Artillery they wouldn't let you wear a ring. I still do not wear one. Couldn't pay me enough. Been married 39 years, never wore a ring. The single women leave when you start talking about the wife and kids.
  10. If you do use silver solder watch out for the cadmium. Its a killer.
  11. The last owners old stock shed is my new old smithy. Its been two years since I bought a buffalo forge and a couple of anvils. We are building our version of Super Rusty over the next few weeks. We have the material and a spring that needs to be straightend. The neighbour has a 50 ton press and we think he can do the job cold. Any tips on how to straighten it? After 45 years in the work force its time to do what I like, not what the boss wants. Lots to learn, blacksmithing is a new game to me. Great site lots of information. My thanks to you.