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  1. i have a similar anvil ,it has a farriers clip on it .I just assumed it was a weak spot in the waist .I'll try to post pictures later .someone welded mine to a large steel post and plate. add a big old chuck of chain to the base and it woorks great. Smokey
  2. those fork lift tines are would make sweet anvils . put on a good stand .great haul
  3. there are is a 300 lb anvil and a 500 lb anvil on ebay they both appear to have the round logo ? would they have dates on them ? Cliff
  4. is cement board an option ? heavy !!! but very duable we use it in some place ,durable, wont burn , and moisture wont affect it .
  5. My first anvil purchase is a colonial anvil with the 5th toe. it does not have the ledge behind the horn like most anvils . if you get it in the light just right you can make out a S on the side . figure that means Sheffield ? Cliff
  6. My son has a craftsman (Sears) Masons tool bag he carries his carpenter tools in for the last 10 years ,still holding up very well to daily use to and from job sites
  7. its for putting knives on old john deere sickle bar mowing machines.
  8. Hey Smokey, Welcome to IFI. Lots of info to be found here and this is the place for you to pass on your knowledge too. Glad to meet you.