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    Self taught, retired for health reasons
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  1. Yup, the military surplus is the way to go. I used a 30"x10"x10" "rocket" box. It held all my long and short tools, and had handles at both ends, which was handy if you had a friend to help carry.
  2. If you're finding all this old farm equipment, look for an old rake harrow, with the long curved tines, its excellent spring steel. Joseff
  3. I was always told that this is what a blacksmith is supposed to look like. Joseff
  4. I asked knifemaker Bill Moran if he would take me on as an apprentis many years ago. He declined, as he already had one or 2. That was when I was around 19, 25 years ago. I sometimes wonder how things would be different if he'd accepted. Joseff
  5. Good first project. You shoulda seen mine, a basic hook from rebar, ugly as sin. Joseff
  6. Have you used them? I wonder how well they take being hammered on, being all spring steal.
  7. I'm really kind of impressed that you made your own charcoal. You shouldn't have any problems making a hand pump bellows, plans abound. I favor a 2 chamber bellows myself. Joe
  8. Joseff

    Cake Kinfe...

    I love the vine detail. Food knives are knives in their own right. Bowies are fun, but who can make a good chef's knife? Joe
  9. Many years ago, my brother made me a bib type using Tandy's oil finish blacksmith leather. It was monagrammed and I really liked it, but I lost it in a move before I ever really got it broken in. I'd sure love to have it back. Joseff
  10. Thank you for the laugh, I really needed it tonight. Joseff
  11. Yes, my first forge weld was so satisfying, even though it was a simple lap weld on some 1/2" round scrap. Its true, the first is the hardest, but the feeling of accomplishment is sooo good. Joseff
  12. Hello, I know I'm not really new, but since It has been over a year since I was online and could visit regularly, I figured I'd reintroduce myself. My name is Joe, though I'm using joseff as a screen name. (for some reason, the name Joe is always taken). I am a self taught blacksmith, having inhierited some old equipment that once belonged to my graet uncle and namesake. Unfortunately, health issues prevent me from practicing my skills, so I'm not currently active. However, coal smoke is in my blood, I love the smithy more than just about anything else, so I want to watch, listen, and learn. I often refer to myself as a recovering blacksmith.
  13. I prefer Liquid Wrench to WD40 for killing wasps, never seen anything kill them faster. Joseff
  14. Joseff


    I have that hammer, I'm fairly sure. I rather like it. One of its best features is the size of the eye. The handle is about twice as thick as other hammers, right at the most vulnerable point. Joseff
  15. Pault17, its like curing an iron skillet. The oil or oil mixture carburizes onto the metal, gives a nice black finish. Joseff
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