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  1. Hi folks, What are people's thoughts about clinker breaker shape? I've ususally seen clinker breakers that are triangular, but on occasion square blocks. Any advantages of one over the other? I can imagine that a square block would be a lot easier to make, but do they work as well? Why is triangular more common? SEan
  2. Hi Folks, Here's another article I did for the OABA newsletter about restoring and cleaning out my Canadian Blower and Forge hand crank blower. Sean
  3. Hi folks, Here's an article I wrote for the OABA newsletter about my new poartable forge. If anyone has any suggestions for improvment, I'd love to hear them! Sean
  4. Usually I just do it by hand, but what can help is after you stretch out the hole, tap it down over a cone hardy to make the hole as round as possible. Then just tap it gently straight back towards yourself, off the anvil. Does that make sense?
  5. Thanks for moving the thread. I thought there was a shop building section, but I couldn't find it. I'm in Southern Ontario, and 108 square foot is the biggest you can go without a permit. I'm not planning on building one anytime soon, but I was just thinking about it in general. I'm really thinking about how could you best use that space, not how to setup a new shop for any particular kind of work. Maybe it shouldn't be square?
  6. VaughnT, I did a search for Pughman's build, but I didn't find anything. Do you know where I can find it?
  7. Hey folks, I was just looking at my local buiding codes... and it got me thinking about how you would lay out a 10'x10' shed forge. Any ideas? Sean
  8. I love making bottle openers, so here's a bunch:
  9. One of the big reasons I want to make a new firepot is to have one with a clinker breaker. Any advice on making a clinker breaker from scratch?
  10. Hi folks, I'm thinking of making a firepot for my portable forge, and I was hoping for some advice. I've seen some for sale that look good, but which are a bit too heavy for my portable unit. I'd like to fabricate something, but I'm wondering about thickness. How thin can the walls of my fire pot be? Could I make it out of 1/4" plate? 3/8" plate? I really want to keep the weight down, but I don't want it to burn through on me either. Any suggestions?
  11. Hey Folks, I've finished my work on the blower, so here's how it came out. Thanks for the suggestions!
  12. Hi folks, I've just gotten a new anvil, and I was hoping for some help identifying/dating it. The only marks I can read on it are a weight mark of 0-3-3. Does anyone have any ideas? THanks! Sean
  13. Does anyone know the original colours for a Canadian Forge and Blower hand crank blower? I'm not looking to change what I've done already, I'm just curious as to what the originals would look like.
  14. Hi folks, I'm doing a clean up on my blower, a small one from Canadian Blower and Forge. I've repainted the outside, but I'm wondering if I should paint inside where the fan blade goes. I'm trying to give it some rust protection, as I mostly use it outside, and last time I took it out it got pretty rusty. I'm not going to paint inside where the gears are, but I'm wondering if there's any downside to painting in with the fan. I can imagine some of it chipping off, but then it would just blow out, so I don't see the harm. Any thoughts? Sean
  15. Thanks, that's a big help! I might see about going for the Magestic forge, I like the idea of independant controls on the burners. Should I reline with itc-100 when I get it?
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