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  1. Hey, Mike--I live just north of Greensboro about 20 minutes in the country--I make knives, but by stock removal--joined this site to research an anvil I sold last month--I am an avid fisherman, make turkey calls and other related game calls and am a dedicated turkey hunter--do you have a forge set up or are you getting started--what is your level of interest in the craft--

  2. Hey, Mike here from Greensboro area. I saw you posted that you were in Rockingham Co. Not to far from me. Newbie here just trying to talk with other newbies.

  3. I have an early coke bottle folding hunter (maker unknown) missing the backspring--can anyone recommend a small quantity supplier of spring material I could contact--I have tried my usual suppliers, but have struck out-- Regards to all-- WARSHARD
  4. warshard


    This is simply great work borderlining genius for simplicity and ruggedness than makes me respect hand skills which I pray will be maintained forever. Please continue sharing even more of your work, Gary--I am positively impressed-- WARSHARD
  5. You need to start a new thread, mate, if you want info related to your post--

  6. Glad to see that you stopped by. It is pretty nice here thank you. There is definately no shortage of water available for fishing and boating. I'm a retired Coast Guard Boatswains Mate and after 20 yrs of running boats I'm over them. God has surely blessed us to live here. Great hunting and country living. Have a blessed day.

  7. Have sought help from anvil heads and noone can identify this anvil--it is a 160 pounder, 27 inches long, and 12 inches high--The only other mark is an oversized raised "U" under the horn--no weight markings. Appreciate any and all assistance-- Regards-- WARSHARD