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  1. I'm attending Fleming College in the Welding and Fabrication technician program, we were taught to use the strikers simply because in order to use a lighter it is clutched in your fist with your hand within an inch of the torch tip, strikers can be used to keep your hand away from the torch tip. Josh
  2. I live in eastern ontario canada, in winter here its nothing to see a week or two of -40°Celcius, my shop is 30×45 and has no walls, post and beam construction with a shed roof.... The question isnt "can you forge in that weather" its "how badly do you want to?"
  3. Please keep me updated on the details for the competition Brian, I'd love to enter
  4. If i get time tonight i will post a video of me making a fire poker with a blob weld, an one that is a forge welded bundle, and one that is a faggot weld. i will explain the issues/limitations with each and the positive points. I will present it from an unbiased point of view in this discussion and will not reply after it is posted. it will simply be a conversation clairifyer Josh
  5. That would be me... I'm 15 minutes east of Peterborough in Norwood! Josh
  6. Nothing ever came of this OABA is the only ABANA affiliate in Ontario, this past september we had an event at the Norwood farigrounds in eastern Ontario, please feel free to message me with any questions, if you add your location to your profile you may find that there is someone within a reasonable distance you could learn from Josh
  7. Look up the Habbermann Bend, I was taught the technique by Brian Brazeal, it allows you to set the inside and outside angles without the need for upsetting, and in my opinion is quite pleasing to the eye
  8. HAHAHAHA melt a hole the size you need... my slack tub freezes SOLID Josh
  9. Notice in the first video the height of the anvil, lower than normal to aid in maneuvering the large pieces of steel and so that the strikers can get full throw of their sledges. Josh
  10. Wow! I wish I could be a young smith! How do I join???
  11. Probably something like 4140 of 1045, that coolant hole runs all the way through right? use them for monkey tools
  12. Very nice guys! not as nice as the one brian and I made... but still nice ;) (you guys know my sense of humour now so i can say this safely) carry on!!!!!!
  13. I'd like to thank the academy, my friends and family, the director, and everyone who voted, this trophy will have a special spot on my shelf!
  14. I would like a good oxy-acetylene set, with welding brazing and cutting tips
  15. These are cool answers! keep them coming! I only asked this to get people thinking and help myself evaluate my goals, wants and needs Josh
  16. Title explains it, you could have any tool to USE (not an expensive one to sell ;) ) what would it be and why?
  17. blacksmiths have used stumps for hundreds if not thousands of years, they seem to have worked very well up to this point, don't get me wrong... eventually all mine will be on steel.... but stumps are cheap and easy
  18. That the phrase I was thinking! "Tool Socialism" I'm just looking for an excuse for him to have to send me some stuff! so don't screw up my logic! :P NJ, I have NO issue with what you are doing, you are saving tools to catalog and record something important, you are not buying every anvil you possibly can Again, I just want him to have to ship me stuff so shush ;)
  19. I hate to see anvils not being used, gives me the shivers BUT I have all the anvils I need, so I don't want any of them. However I have 2 post vices and would like atleast 2 more. I would LOVE one of those industrial swage blocks, I've only ever seen one of them in person and can see 10000 jobs i could do with one. A cone mandel is not a necessity, but would make my life easier for certain jobs. I NEED a real workbench, I have one that is built from 2x4s but I need one heavier and larger than that, and non-flammable material would be nice. I think that people should be limited to 10 of each tool of one type, and if they get more than that they should be delivered to areas that are tool-poor :P Josh
  20. i. would. kill. for. one. of. those. platen. tables. I have been looking for one for 6 years!!!!!!! this just makes me angry, need to go use my anvils. JOSH
  21. Never even thought about that! ugh I feel dumb now Ya I've heard that, thats why I let it dry right out. It was used in a crane at a scrapyard for "DA CLAW" (i've always wanted to operate one :P ) That sounds very possible, but that shouldn't affect a forge weld if properly cleaned right?
  22. I'm going to try these suggestions tomorrow, the core wires spark like stainless, don't seem to oxidize and are extremely flexible even after annealing
  23. I am starting to think it is stainless, brushed it up on the wire wheel, ground on it and tried heating it by itself, fo strange flames, flaking galvy and sparking like stainless (long white sparks, with little bursts on end of sparks)
  24. I live in Ontario, we use the same grading system as the US, never heard of 44W Josh
  25. the one on the left is a tool that should have a handle on it, it is used for making shoulders on tenons square so they sit tightly against whatever the tenon passes through
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