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  1. Super job there Mark! Finnr
  2. I liked the skeeter trap that F&T sells myself. A wee bit light for Wisconsin skeeters though. Finnr
  3. Sympathies and prayers here as well. Finnr
  4. Finnr

    my niece

    Gotcha covered here Jimmy! Finnr
  5. No problem with your English. You do as well or better than some "native" speakers I know. Welcome to I Forge! Finnr
  6. All you need in that Champion is a small puddle at the bottom of the gear casing. The gears sling the oil to keep things lubricated. Finnr
  7. Those are a reminder of my youth. Hauled out a lot of logs with a set almost exactly like those. Finnr
  8. Love it Jim!!! Also love the insane humor. You sure we weren't twins separated at birth? Finnr
  9. Drill! Drill!!!! We don't need no stinking drills!!!! Well maybe now and then. Finnr
  10. Howdy. I am not too sure of smiths around La Crosse, but if you get up this way I'd be glad to lend a hand. I am near Farichild and Humbird North of Black River Falls. Finnr
  11. Finnr

    Step Vises

    I had one i never used so I sold it to a smithing buddy. Finnr
  12. Life is GOOD!!!!!!!!!! Today I got my order from smokingpipes.com ! Several small amounts of a few bulk blends to see which i will order in quantity . OH JOY!!! So far the Peter Stokkebye oriental supreme is leading the pack!! Finnr
  13. Mike I have to ask! What is the time period on those strikers. I haven't seen that style before! Finnr
  14. Grant: As Frosty said we are elite. We are so because we have skills lacked by others in this too fast modern world. In my experience though blacksmiths in general are NOT. Elitist in the sense that we withhold our knowledge. Most are more than willing to share and some will nearly drag your backside over to the forge and tell you "Hey Look at this!!!. Isn't that neat!?" and then teach you how to do it. Finnr
  15. PEG is commonly used to protect woods . Polyethylene glycol Polyethylene glycol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Finnr
  16. Make your cut from the bottom and it will go a lot easier as the top will be work hardened. Finnr
  17. Heat, flux , bring to welding heat, TAP gently. As well as bounce a hard hit will blow the molten metal out of your joint. Finnr
  18. I used a Chevy push rod as a punch to form my eye punch. teh hole up the center gave me the pupil of the eye. Finnr
  19. The main ting I try to do demoing is keep a steady patter going. It holds the interest of the crowd. Finnr
  20. Howdy!! Welcome to IFI!!! I used to live in Newcomerstown. The key there is USED TO!! My ex inlaws live there! LOL! Finnr
  21. Check out the tailgating section . There are listings there for all kinds of things. Finnr
  22. I did one a few years ago just to see if I could. Not a thing wrong with yours at all!. Finnr
  23. I have a buddy that hauls a seriously battered old anvil and a bike powered blower to do demos. Real clever use of what you have around. Finnr
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