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  1. Hi everyone, like i said...i also built my own coal forge. But i am noticing a lot of newbies (including myself) speaking up and swinging hammers. That's a good thing right?

    Well here it is. I couldn't afford to buy this rivet forge i had my eye on, so i got some materials from work (for free) and had the table at home (not being used). So, i saved about $150 bucks and built my own.

    Although, i built it, it's not my design. I got it from doing some reading and research on this forum. It is not quite ready to light but it's close. I do want to find an authentic hand crank blower, i need to fab a trap door on the bottom, and (for my small garage) I want to put it on wheels so i can roll it outside.

    O'Yeah, there is my small hammer collection hanging on the rail.




  2. Hi everyone, just wanted to share my anvil and this really cool stand i just picked up.
    To me the anvil is a mystery make. But it's 97lbs, has good rebound, and the best part
    about it is i got it pretty cheap!!! It has a 3/4in harty hole. I couldn't wait to make
    a couple hardy tools to go with it, so i fab-ed up two bending forks and a cut off tool.
    my most resent purchase was the blue stand and the anvil/vise came bolted on. All i really
    wanted was the stand for my anvil, because i was using 4-6X6's bolted together. That worked
    fine but i love the shape of the blue stand (kinda art deco).

    Now for the Anvil/vise I didn't really want it at first, because the rear jaw (that can be
    moved)was welded to the face, and there is a piece broken off the side, taking some of the
    saw teeth with it (pictured). The same guy had the cool hand crank grinder. Well, the price
    was right so i got them all as i packaged deal. I did a little research (Google
    is my friend), the anvil/vise was patented on Jan 15 1895 by the Farwell/Adams Co. in Dubuque,
    Iowa. And all i could find out about the grinder is that is was made by Luther Grinders and
    was the "Challenge" model.

    Feedback on any and/or all is greatly appreciated.







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