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  1. Burritos, grilled cheese, hotdogs and burgers, whatever you want. Just remember....BYOB. HAHA!! Yeah i knew from the start that the pipe diameter was not optimal. It is 8" round HVAC galvanized duct. But it is the biggest Home Depot or Lowes carries, and i can't afford 12" diameter stainless pipe. The cap on the pipe is something i made at home. And it actually has 10 inches on expanded metal mesh after the pipe and before the cap. I should be good there. And i still have some extra scrap pieces of the 8" pipe, i will be raising the height more above the hoof line. Thanks for the input. I will update with some photos of it in action very soon.
  2. no questions, comments or conserns???? Im suprised!!!! Help me out guys, i need some input
  3. here is my new forge and Hofi style side-draft hood setup.........
  4. this a a good deal on a nice big anvil.... http://columbus.craigslist.org/tls/2135197290.html
  5. ok fellas, I worked all weekend, fab-ing the my new Hofi style hood, and i am so happy the way it can out. Here are some pictures (per request). I have not lit a good fire yet but i did light some newspaper in the back and some more in the firepot, just for a test run, and it looks like it will work just as it is supposed to!!!! The only thing i wish to add is a lock on the outside access door (because there are little kids that live and play next door, and i dont want them getting into it.) Ill try to post some pictures of when i light the forge and i really test the hood's performance!!! I added some other pictures of the two newest newest additions to my shop. One is the chop saw. I have wanted one for soooo long!! Home depot on sale!!!! And the second is the voltage regulator. My dad gave it to me so now i can use it to dial my blower in perfectly!!!
  6. Are you saying that is what the coal looks like.......... or THAT is the coal you have?? I dont know how far it would be for you, but there is a fella i get my coal from ( near Dayton, Oh) that sells large lump Bituminous coal for $190 per ton.
  7. I wish i could go straight up and out of the roof, but i am renting my uncle's house and everything i put up i need to be able to take down. That is why i routed the pipe out the window and then up. I like the look of the large hood that i have now, but i found out quickly some of the short comings. Probably the worst thing is that it doesn't catch all the smoke and fumes. Next is the size restrictions of the work piece i am able to put between the forge table and the hood. After some thought i think I'm leaning toward the Hofi style side draft. And i would have no problem building that style box and taking it out of the bottom window and then up. ( i tried to draw it) Well i think i'm learning.......slowly ;)
  8. Hey does anyone have any suggestions on getting better suction/draft with my hood. I think i have two problems and i need to over-come them sooner rather than later. First, the pipe is only 8" round. Second, the smoke goes up into the hood and immediately makes an "S" curve out the window, then up. Any suggestions?????
  9. yeah that would not be good............but the three under the bolt bin are empty and the one on the ground was just placed there yesterday. A lot still needs to be organized.
  10. Hi all, I wanted to share with ya my new material storage rack / material!!!!!! I know as well as anyone how much Craigslist can SUCK. But, sometimes, you strike gold (or in this case....steel). Unfortunately for the guy, he was getting out of the machine shop trade and selling all his stuff. I saw no pictures and he didn't sound like he was going to accommodate my budget. But, I get there, and he's got tens of thousands of dollars in machines and all the tools you would ever need and more. Long story short........I went to look at this rack only, because he said he had gotten rid of all the good steel material he had. (what was good to him and good to me was totally different) SO I got the rack and all of this material for $350 (at least 1500lbs of round, square, rectangle, hex, plate steel, some aluminum, and some steel tubing) I truly got a piece of coal in my stocking this year (GF thinks she's funny) but I must have done something good this year to get a deal like that. P.S. I threw in some pictures of the rest of my shop. It's coming along and all that material and rack fit in nicely.
  11. Here is the link to my post explaining where and when i got this 145Lb beauty. My link SO here it is, all cleaned up and ready for a lot of hammer blows!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are some defects but not bad for 100 years old (+ or -) Somebody got into the horn (twice!!!) with a wiz-wheel / hack saw Also, the table was either broken off or someone just decided to grind it down? The face is a little wavy in places but definitely usable. ENJOY!!!!!!! (I will !!!!!)
  12. i cleaned it up last night and it looks great!!! ill post some pics later tonight.
  13. this probably wont help but here is a Silver Mfg. Co. ad on eBay http://cgi.ebay.co.u...06458%26ps%3D50
  14. OK, i went and picked up the loot yesterday (you will find out why i say "loot") and i am so xxxxxxx!!!!!! happy. I traded him a 110V Lincoln 140amp welder FOR the anvil, the hand shear/punch, the 8" Black and Decker bench grinder, and two pairs of tongs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The anvil turned out to be a 145lb Peter Wright (1-1-5 stamped in the side) in what i consider "really good" condition. The ring of this anvil is absolutely beautiful. I'm still doing some research on the shear, but it is really cool and it works!! The grinder he just gave to me because it was too big for anything he does. and he found the two tongs (on the left) under the bench and decided to give them to me too!!!! All this came from his home garage, and he said he's going to call me soon when he is ready to go through his old barn out back. Nicest guy in the world and i think I'm going to save HIS number!!! HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!
  15. You may be right, but i can't assume that is the same anvil, because he said he has several. But its a good bet that it is and it doesnt have the clip. thanks for the good eyes!!! Also i think you right about the shear. In the back it looks like it has some other attachments and/or purpose. THE GUYS SAYS HE HAS TONS OF OLD TOOLS AND OTHER GOOD STUFF, SO I MIGHT COME HOME WITH A LOT MORE THAN THESE TWO PIECES. TIME AND MONEY WILL TELL!!!
  16. The only thing that I can't figure out with the anvil is the bump out (I don’t know what else to call it) on the table part. That usually is seen on "Ferrier’s" anvils, correct? But, I haven’t seen one on a Peter Wright.
  17. Can anyone confirm or deny my suspicions of it being a Peter Wright?
  18. sorry had some trouble uploading the pics. I think its working now.
  19. I have an opportunity to do some trading for this anvil, and I just want to confirm my idea about the manufacturer. By the shape of the horn and the steps on the feet, front and back, it looks to me to be a Peter Wright (comments? concerns?) He says it weighs between 120Lbs and 130Lbs.<br /><br />Also included in this swap is that monster of a hand shear. I've never seen one like it and was wondering if any of you have? Does it look like it could handle cutting steel rod? <br /><br />The trade is the anvil and shear for a 110V Lincoln mig welder / cart / spool of 0.025 wire. Good trade?
  20. Dont beat on it too hard, it just cast iron and it will crack. But i think these are very neat. I have one that is different but is still a combination vise. I have a tread and pictures of my restoration on here. $35 bucks is a great buy, I think it's probubly worth about $100 bucks (correct me if im wrong). The crank arm is for the drill function of the vise. So, you acually have a combination anvil/vise/drill.
  21. All is true. I will probubly spend a little more time cleaning my airways, due to no clinker breaker and steel construction. And i learned about having the air inlet higher after i made the whole thing. If i were to make another, these problems would be addressed. This was the first one i've built, so, I'm glad there are mistakes i can learn from. Mistakes are like stupid questions, (The only stupid question is the one not asked.)
  22. I just cleaned it up, smeared grease where i didn't want paint, and sprayed it with a grafite wheel paint.
  23. That price would be for the fire pot, tuyere, and a ash dump door. If you would want the whole deal (table w/the wall around it, a tool rail, and the fire pot) i think $350 dollars is reasonable. Also, I'm located in Cincinnati, Ohio 45255.
  24. Yeah i think someone either clamped something to hard or was hammering something over the edge. It's just cast iron...not really heavy duty by any means.
  25. I would think about $150 plus shipping depending on what different/extra features you want? Let me know
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