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  1. Pilot holes are exactly what I thought about but I forgot about countersinks. Great idea!! I found the company name and a little more info on the drive setup too. It’s made by Leland-Gifford out of Worchester Mass. This is what the name tag should have looked like. Off of the same drill is a nifty (but not original way of running the pulleys and belt. But here I found a picture of a press with the original drive setup. Pretty interesting.
  2. I'm going to call him "Big Bird" (for obvious reasons). This thing is a beast!!! I bought this old WORKING drill press for a song and a dance ($75) and they even loaded it for me!! Obviously it is a dual spindle press, all cast iron, 110 volts, the table and the spindle heads are on male/female dove-tails (never saw that before but they move really smooth). The motor is an older Baldor but I can't find a make on the drill press itself. Anyone have an idea? The motor mount and pulley configuration is not original and I was hoping someone could find a picture or let me know how the motor was originally mounted. There are T-slots on the left side that are not being used. Maybe that has something to do with it? Please enjoy ---- I know I will!!!!
  3. For anyone who doesn't know what PPE stands for, it is Personal Protective Equipment (ie: saftey glasses). I had a really close call on sunday. But i was really lucky to be wearing my saftey glasses at the time. Also it is very important to have the proper tongs for the material you are hammering. I was holding a 3x1x.25 peice of steel, making a L-bracket. Holding it with the wrong tongs plus a bad strike equals FLYING RED HOT STEEL!!!!! It flew straight up and hit me right in between the eyes. Knocking my glasses off and hurting like hell. Anyway, i thought i was fine until about an hour later i went inside and saw my face. So please be carfull everyone. P.S....THIS HAS BEEN A PUBLIC SERVICE ANOUNCMENT :D
  4. I watched the whole thing. Not bad if you could get Trip to quit saying "UMM". ;) HAHA just kidding. BTW the forge is really nice.
  5. What do you think of this caption Scrap?
  6. I have to say that the Dancer is just beautiful. Excellent use of scrap. My favorite is still the eagle and rabbit (sorry I don’t remember its official name) but the Dancer is a close second.
  7. It's just a small cross-peen hammer head. Nothing really special, I don't think. The round side is for rounding or flattening but if you hit with the blade side it is for spreading the metal out and away from the blade. Or it can be used for detail work (like the veins in a forged leaf). I drew a picture for you (the red lines represent the forces on the hot metal) kind of hard to explain. I’m just an old tool buff and beginner hammer collector. I also see a lot of old adjustable wrenches and open ended wrenches (which are a dime a dozen) but I’m just poking fun.
  8. Hey Scrapartoz, Glad to have you back! The Swagman is really cool. Every time I look at your sculptures it's like a treasure hunt to find new cool items I didn't see before. For example here is something I found on the first sheep that I kind of wish you didn't use. I would love to rummage through your scrap piles. I can only imagine the great stuff!! Also thanks for having us Google your web site. That search led me to Sculpture.net. It’s a really neat forum and a ton of really talented sculptures and info. JGRAFF
  9. Ive admired your work ever since you started posting on IFI. Absolutly awsome. Does anyone know where he's been? COME BACK SCRAPARTOZ!!!!!
  10. What i really love about your art (especially the eagle and rabbit) is the feeling of movement. One of the hardest things to do is to make a stationary object feel as though it is in motion. You just nail it!!!!
  11. WOW, i am extremely envious!!! You are right, the quality is great. I've always said i would love to own a junk yard. So, does your family own a scrap yard or is this just a life time collection?
  12. I, and i think a lot of others, would really love to see some shots of your workshop. I would also love to see some shots of this "acre or two of treasures". I just thought it would be really cool to drool over.
  13. please, pardon my language......but your art is the coolest F***ing thing i've ever seen!!!!!
  14. That is very cool. I like how you painted the hardware(body) and left the top plate raw. It gives it really nice contrast. My eye is very pleased. Did you make this piece for a show or just for fun?
  15. Thanks for all the good words and blessings. I am currently working on some angle brackets for shelves to hang on the wall. The plan is to make the shelves out of the same cherry wood and with the same routed edges as the end-table. This is my first project incorporating wood with iron work, and cherry is NOT cheap.
  16. Awesome job. Very impressive. I have a question about the frame. Is it made of tubing or solid? Solid would be very heavy (it looks to be about 1x1?) And how (if you don't mind me asking) is the canvas picture attached?
  17. I thought some of you would enjoy this project of mine. We are expecting our first baby on 1/31/11 so I wanted to make some things for the nursery to personalize it. If you look around, there is a new trend forming around the world of decorating a nursery. Putting the name of the baby above the crib seems to be the new IN thing. I didn't like any of the decals or wooden carved letters so I smithed her name myself. Also, (no blacksmithing involved) I fab-ed a little end-table for next to the rocking chair. This is what I came up with....
  18. i love my 1/2 inch plate fire-pot. i think you have seen this pic, and i will try to get some more posted later.
  19. Two problems. one, it would be too deep. And two, I have a feeling the clay would shatter fairly quickly when the heat rises. Now, if you could have a shallower pot made of fire brick, that should work.
  20. I got it weighed this weekend and the exact weight is 257 lbs. WOOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!! Thanks NJAnvilman for the info, but, i got to admit, i'm a little bumbed that the "B" doesn't mean something more significant. O'well I tried sandblasting it this weekend but that was a losing battle. I guess my blaster is just not strong enough. But, i know some guys who sandblast for a living and they have all kinds of different sand grits and media to shoot at it and some really powerful equiptment at their shop. Once it is all cleaned up i will post some pics and we can discuss this crater on the side.
  21. Hopefully i will get the time this weekend to sandblast it and i should be able to investigate the depression better. (pictures will be posted, of course!!!) Does anyone know the name of the "Fisher Museum" onwer?
  22. I just picked up this beautiful Fisher last night. I'm pretty sure the 25 cast into the foot means 250lbs (give or take). The info i would like to know is what does the "B" cast into the other foot mean? There is the same "B" cast under the the Mfg date (1937) under the heel. Any thoughts of what this stands for? Also if you notice there is a nasty depression in the other side of the anvil. Do you think this is "shrinkage" that happened during the casting process? I've seen significant shrinkage like that, but, only in aluminum castings. Any thoughts???? Here is a picture of it next to my 145lb PW
  23. <br /><br /><br /> Why is that? Is it so the air can move past it more freely when it is in more open air?
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