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  1. thanks heaps ausfire for the feed back and the offer. I would love an excuse to get up there and have a look. My frog has to be 3d free standing about 2mts long 1.5mts high aprox. I'm looking at all sorts of methodology not just metal, so we'll see what pops up.

  2. Up - cycler was the latest one I herd. 

    If I'm ever coming up north I'd love to visit ( professional development for tax purposes ) 

    Just been given a commission from Vic roads for another roadside sculpture working with the aboriginal community. Tiddalic/jiddalic the frog story, hhmmm, how to make a large frog.....

  3. This was a massive labour of love, I spent more time than I quoted for. All in all about 3 months on and off. It was a friends commission and I wanted to go the extra yard, but wow the fabrication time was for ever. Thanks for your nice comments, helps make it worthwhile.

  4. Here's a link to the arbour commission we installed late last year, cheers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.647679082009443.1073741837.489830517794301&type=1&l=ae9f9db73f










  5. Alan, here we go -- 600mm deep 2400mm wide 2600mm broad. Rubber matting 6xhigh with 2mm gal sheet in-between each sheet of rubber.x 20 of. Separate stacks. the whole pit is concrete with sides 4"thick and floor 8" thick. the gaps stay open. I cover the workshop floor with mats near to the hammer to stop stuff falling down. I proped the insides of the box to stop it bulging when I poured the concrete ( and left the props and boxing in the conc ). As the whole pit is concrete I don't get water problems.

    I am very happy with the design and it works well :-)

    Alldays hammer--long story-- used to hammer stainless, yes. and yes I've now dropped the treadle. 

  6. Hello.
    Now the work is done, thank´s for help , maybe yoúr grand ´mothe been to this house from the start of 1800.
    se the picture from the work.
    Have a very varm summer blacksmith´s from Metalmagern in denmark


    We have a first year apprentice who has demonstrated this skill this week in 14 pieces of 4140 2"square bar, Ok they were not all 30 degrees some were 5 degrees some were about 20 degrees others were closer to 30 deg. The only problem is he was trying to get them all in the centres of the bars and at 90 deg to the axis of the bars to make an order of hot setts. If he had needed to punch them at 30 degrees I bet he could have got them all at 90 deg or close to it. He'll have the opportunity to get some more practice after Xmas when he has to give another 14 a go. I'm hoping he gets them at 90 degrees this time, if he manages 30 degrees I'll find out how he does it and let everyone know

    We have a first year apprentice who........... is a genius

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