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  1. Could you post the link to the user's manual?
  2. I just realized that could be taken two ways... Either I think I'm a genius, or I'm a genius when it comes to the theory... You can pick your own explanation...
  3. Sorry for posting that question... I was just cruising on a different thread and saw that you had already answered it. Follow-up question: how is it self-tuning? Is it based on feedback from the coil? I'm assuming that it tries to insure that you don't get current cancellation in the piece being heated... Again, forgive my questions. I'm a theoretical genius in the use of induction fields in industrial metals processing but this is the first time I've thought about the nuts-and-bolts aspects of how these go together.
  4. What is the frequency of the AC current in the coil with this thing? You said the transformer steps the current up to 1000 A?