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  1. Nice looking anvil you got there. Would be interesting to know what it says under the Soderfors mark: DANN_MO_A
  2. Im really happy with it, the anvil is a delight to work on. But I would like to know some more about it like when it was made and what are those missing letters. Thank you, Sask, for posting pictures of yours. Seems it has letters on both sides and under the heel ground level. Mine only has on one side, at least I cant find anything that could resemble a letter. What do you make of the numbers under the heel? And what does the number 12 stand for (under the 1925 mark)?
  3. Is not possible to determine roughly when the anvil is from just by font style or kg? Its problebly not more then 100years right? Here is another picture:
  4. Hi, Im new here. I just got myself a Söderfors 77kg anvil. Was wondering if anyone could tell me how old it is? The edges have been welded, but how can I tell if it was done correctly? Also, it has a hole (see picture) on the body. Havent seen that before. Does anyone know the purpose of the hole? Its a real nice anvil with good rebound and it hardly makes a ringing noise at all. Its attached very thourughly to the stand. Ive attached two pictures. Hope someone can be of help. Thanks. Regards, Hannes
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